Yoly Saa gives us clues about her performance at the Benidorm Fest: “I will be accompanied”

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Yoly Saa has one of the most intimate songs of the Benidorm Fest 2024. The artist, who will be in the Alicante city at the end of January to try to win the bronze microphone, has put all the meat on the grill with the issue I don’t forget.

The singer-songwriter, who has been releasing music for years, found this song to send to the Festival. A song that talks about heartbreak and the steps you have to follow to heal. To tell us all the details of this topic, Yoly has gone to the WECB studios.

“It is my team who presented me with the option of appearing at the Benidorm Fest. I had come from doing incredible duets and I was mature enough to be on a stage like that. I also like to take myself out of my comfort zone,” Yoly acknowledges.

Yoly admits that when he made No se me forget he felt that it was the best song he had composed to date: “I became absolutely obsessed with this chorus. There was something in the song that hooked me and you have to follow your instincts. I like it so much that I’m calm.”

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The people who talk the most about Benidorm Fest

We have also taken the opportunity to ask him about the relationship between the participants of the Benidorm Fest. And yes, everyone seems to get along wonderfully. Of course, he has recognized that there are some who participate more than others: “Look, Dellacruz usually talks a lot. Angy too. I am one of the least because I am very absent-minded and I have all WhatsApp groups silenced. “I’m one of those who leave an emoji every three days.”

“I really like that we have asked ourselves at all times how we are. We have not felt competitiveness. We are going to be together for many days. It is something to enjoy regardless of what happens on stage,” the artist confirmed.

Without a doubt, Yoly Saa is going to have a good time at Benidorm Fest. Surely the singer does not leave anyone indifferent with her subject.

About the staging of the Benidorm Fest

We wanted to ask you about the staging that you plan to bring to Benidorm. Although Yoly Saa has not said much, she has confessed to us that she has something to do with the video clip. The artist has chosen two dancers for the music video of No se me forget. “It’s clear that we can’t say much about the scenography, but I will be accompanied at the Benidorm Fest. I can’t say how, but you’ll see.”


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