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2024 begins with a bittersweet taste for all lovers of the Zoo group: the most revolutionary band in Valencian music has announced that retires after a decade making us enjoy his rap, his rock and his electronics.

It was this Sunday, January 7, 2024 when The group Zoo, also known as Zoo Posse, has announced that the time has come for their last dance. He has done it with a video in which they have had as their protagonist the monkey, their iconic mascot known as ‘monet’ who has accompanied them throughout their musical career that began back in 2014.

During the approximately two minutes that the clip with which they announced their retirement lasted, the members of the band originally from Gandía gave a standing ovation to this animal that, from what can be seen, is finally escaping from a zoo and from everything that the day-to-day noise of the music industry entails and finds his peace and his comfort zone: he returns to the forest where he can touch freedom with his fingers

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According to sources close to EFE, they have explained that goodbye could have a double reason: on the one hand, the desire of its leader Toni S., Panxo for his fans, to focus more on his personal life and, on the other hand, the fact that after the success of his last album he can no longer go any further.

His last concert

Zoo retires from music and says goodbye to the stage forever, but not before giving a show to match. In fact, although no one anticipated this goodbye, the group had already been giving clues for a few days. “I’m still happy,” they had written in their penultimate publication, making it clear that during this time they have been happy.

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Before their official retirement from the stage, they will a brief tour of some stages of Spain that will begin this month of March and will last until next July:

  • Madrid: La Riviera Room
  • Murcia: Beat Club Garage,
  • Barcelona: the Telecogresca festival
  • Jerez de la Frontera: Trumpetera Spring
  • Bilbao: Iruña Rock, Zeid Fest
  • Lugo: To Candeloira
  • Villarobledo: Viñarock
  • Mallorca: Sensenom Festival
  • El Bonillo: Alterna Festival

AND, the last time they will go on stage, It will be in Gandía, at the Pirate Beach Festival, right in the place where it all began for them.

A successful soundtrack

Gandía will be the scene of the monkey’s last dance after a career on successful stages, and there in 2014 the neighbors saw the success of Zoo born thanks to songs like Estiu, Vull either Carrer de L’Amargura to which have been added later their already well-known Toboggan, Estiu and Llepoliesamong many.

Zoo says goodbye after having released three studio albums, an EP, two live albums and a multitude of concerts, among which they have been on the stage of the WiZink Center, hanging the sold out. In addition to all of Spain, they have also conquered other countries such as Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, Poland, France, Japan, or England, among others.


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