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2023 has been, without a doubt, the year of Latin music in its different genres and variants: from Peso Pluma’s corridos tumbados to Karol G’s reggaetĂłn and perreo. But, who is behind these catchy rhythms that have us all dancing, streamingand wanting more?

They are the architects, the artisans behind those notes that are inserted in our memory, who make us have their songs in our heads all day and who, of course, continue to change the game in the music industry. This year, Various Latin producers have played a key role in bringing the hits performed by our favorite artists to the top. For this reason, we want to highly value their work and review some of those that broke the lists these months.


Bizarre It has meant a radical change within the musical panorama in many ways, giving special attention that we had not seen before to the figure of the producer. And the world stops every time the Argentinian announces a new BZRP Music Session; there is nothing more to see the rage of ‘Bizapopwhich culminated with the release of the EP with the young promise Milo J In Sleeping Without Madridor, of course, the BZRP Music Session Vol. 53 of Shakira, who has broken all the records there have been and to have been; With more than 660 million views on YouTube alone, she has managed to win three Latin Grammys this year. Bizarrap continues to make history!


Tainy He is one of the great minds in reggaeton, with an incredible ability to compose hits of great creative complexity and the most explosive results. It is the example of their highly anticipated debut album DATA, without a doubt one of the albums of the year. Here, the Puerto Rican producer presents a work structured through the history of the android Sena, bringing together some of the most powerful collaborations of 2023, such as FOREVER of Bad Bunny, Arcángel, Myke Towers and Omar Courtz or the iconic MOJABI GHOST.

The composer from San Juan has been leading the new wave of reggaeton for more than a decade, taking his hits to another level, producing peak works of the genre such asl Oasis by J Balvin and Bad Bunnyalso contributing to other successes such as x 100pre (2018), YHLQMDLG (2020), Immanuel (2020), Motomami (2022) or A Summer Without You (2022), among others.

Ovy on the Drums

Daniel Oviedo, also known as Ovy on the Drumshas earned a reference site in the music industryl as one of the top Latin producers. He began his journey as a producer a decade ago, when a friend showed him a digital editing program with which he soon learned to make beats. Since then, his life changed.

Shortly after, he would meet the one who has been his partner and creative partner on his path to stardom, none other than Karol G. They were both starting out in the world and decided to form a team that, after a lot of work, ended up creating real successes together. like the Colombian’s studio albums: Karol Unstoppable (2017), Ocean (2019), KG0516 (2021) and the historical Tomorrow will be nice (2023), which has become the first studio work entirely in Spanish by a female artist to be number 1 on the Billboard chart, also taking Ovy to the top of the Latin Producers chart.

Ovy On The Drums, Karol G, and Kevyn Mauricio Cruz at the Latin Grammys in Seville.  Patricia J. Garcinuno/WireImage

Ovy On The Drums, Karol G, and Kevyn Mauricio Cruz at the Latin Grammys in Seville. Patricia J. Garcinuno/WireImage / Patricia J. Garcinuno

The Colombian producer has brought us some of the best hits of 2023, such as TQGwith Karol G and Shakira, QLONAalso with Karol, this time with Peso Pluma, Ghetto Princesswith Bad Gyal and Ryan Castro or Pool with MarĂ­a Becerra and Chencho Corleone.

Edgar Barrera

Barrier has become a key figure in understanding the boom of Latin music in the industry, in addition to the triumph of some styles that we had not seen emerge internationally until now, such as the Mexican regional. And the composer is not only one of the most nominated in the awards, but he has once again won the awards from Producer of the year and Composer of the Year at the latest edition of the Latin Grammys.

Edgar has worked with the top figures in the industry, bringing us successes this year that have transformed everything, such as A x100to along with Grupo Frontera and Bad Bunny, The meringue by Manuel Turizo, The formula along with Marc Anthony and Maluma or The boss with Shakira and Fuerza Regida. Almost nothing!

Edgar Barrera at the Latin Grammys in Seville.  Borja B. Hojas / Getty Images for Latin Recording Academy

Edgar Barrera at the Latin Grammys in Seville. Borja B. Hojas / Getty Images for Latin Recording Academy / Borja B. Leaves


Marco ‘MAG’ Borrero is, along with La Paciencia, one of the leading producers of the global urban Latin superstar, Bad Bunny. Born in Brooklyn and of Puerto Rican and Dominican origin, he has contributed to creating great productions such as The Last Tour of the World either A Summer Without You, among other. This 2023 has given us a multitude of hits to the rhythm of trap and reggaeton – and some Jersey Club -, with stellar releases such as Nobody Knows What’s Going to Happen Tomorrow of Benito; Star delay; either Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful (Bichota Season) by Karol G; also with notable hits like MONACO either Where She Goes and star collaborations, such as The Jumpa by Bad Bunny and Arcángel; either Pimp, pt. 2 with Bad Gyal, Tokischa and Young Miko, among others.

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Mauricio Rengifo and Andrés Torres

The duo of producers has become one of the most sought-after teams when it comes to innovating with success. And it is that Mauro Rengifo (the Dandee of Cali and the Dandee) and Andrés Torres They already set the bar in infinity after producing one of the most iconic songs in Latin music: Slowlyperformed by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee. Responsible for other successes such as Steal a kiss from you by Carlos Vives and Yatra, or Blame me by Fonsi and Demi Lovato, have decided to change the course of trends within the industry in 2023.

We have seen it in some of the studio albums that have caused great fury, such as alpha from Aitana, where we can find hits like The Angels, my love either Darari, among others. The producers have been in charge of creating a new trend that fuses pop rhythms with influences from techno, house and electropop music. A style that we have also been able to see in his participation in the .MP3 by Emilia, with songs like GTA.mp3.

Andres Torres and Mauricio Rengifo at the Latin Grammys in 2021. Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

Andres Torres and Mauricio Rengifo at the Latin Grammys in 2021. Arturo Holmes/Getty Images / Arthur Holmes

Big One

Daniel Ismael Real, the name behind Big One He is one of the great exponents of the urban music revolution in Argentina, creator of the main hits of the most influential artists on the scene such as MarĂ­a Becerra, Duki, Tini, Emilia, Tiago PZK, Rusherking, Lit Killah and FMK, among. He has produced great songs like High de Becerra or iconic collaborations such as Besides me, Among us either As if it didn’t matter.

This year has brought us what has been the anthem of the year in the country and in urban music globally with The Space Ones, bringing together the most dominant national voices in the genre. He has also given us other songs of the year such as Tears with Tini and BM, In Intimacy along with Emilia and Callejero Fino, or Exclusive.mp3also performed by the Argentine diva.


And speaking of innovating: it couldn’t be missing from this list Zecca, nickname of the Argentine producer Francisco Zecca, one of the references in the explosion of the urban genre within the country. Composer and mixing engineer, at just 22 years old he has become the youngest artist to win a Latin Grammy, winning three awards for his participation in the BZRP Music Session Vol. 53 by Shakira.

With a unique ability to create catchy melodies and systematically link hits, we have been able to see Zecca’s work in other songs of 2023 such as the super boom of No_Se_Ve.mp3 by Emilia and Ludmilla, as well as a large part of the album .mp3 by the Argentine artist, CALL ME MAYBE of Duki and part of his Before Americaand Disgusting by Tiago PZK, in addition to his contributions from various BZRP Music Sessions performed by Quevedo, Arcángel, Rauw Alejandro, Duki or Villano Antillano, among others.

Zecca at the Latin Grammy Awards in Seville.  Patricia J. Garcinuno / WireImage

Zecca at the Latin Grammy Awards in Seville. Patricia J. Garcinuno / WireImage / Patricia J. Garcinuno


The truth is that the field of music production is an almost entirely masculinized environment. All you have to do is look at the list of nominations for different awards in the production categories. However, KuinviValentina LĂłpez’s nickname, is a young producer, composer and vocalist based in Miami who is breaking barriers in this world.

With a key role in Becky G’s latest album that has made her a multi-platinum producer, also being part of the thinking team of the alpha by Aitanathe Ecuadorian artist breaks it with a combination of pop and urban styles which have led her to create hits with big names in the industry such as Sebastián Yatra, Danna Paola or Lola ĂŤndigo, among others.

Kuinvi at Billboard Latin Music Week 2022. Christopher Polk / Getty Images

Kuinvi at Billboard Latin Music Week 2022. Christopher Polk / Getty Images / Christopher Polk

Dennis DJ

The Brazilian producer is one of those responsible for the Carioca funk boom (along with our diva Anitta, of course). The remix of Ok which starred with MC Kevin O Cris, Maluma and Karol G, triumphing at the VMAS 2023 gala in New Jersey, has contributed to putting this style high on the lists. Other hits of Dennis DJ have been wickedly with MC’s Nandinho and Nego Bam; Let’s drink along with the popular singer MC Livinho (in the latter figures such as Ronaldinho appear); Medley da Gaiola also with the popular Kevin O Cris; either Wave Deiza along with XamĂŁ and Ludmilla, among others.

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