Dora has ‘Nothing to lose’ in her new song

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It’s been a year and a half since Dora released her last single, You go, a summer song with which the singer demonstrated the incredible musical potential she had. Te vas was a song that continued the musical adventure of her debut EP, Without rushing I don’t want to diewhere the artist experimented with different genres.

Now, finally, Dora has released a song again. And what a great song it has been! Inspired directly by those electronic bases of the 90s, Dora gives us a pop song that you won’t be able to get out of your head. Nothing to lose It is a mature song, produced with exquisite taste and with lyrics that talk about the need to be with a person. Once again, the production of the song has fallen into the hands of Pional

For the video clip, Dora has opted for an experimental approach, where the planes of her face are combined with those of the shadows of some dancers. An aesthetic vibe that makes it clear that Dora is a risky artist and not only in her musical productions. In this way, for the direction of the video, the young woman has chosen Pedro Soler.

“What a thrill to be able to start this special journey now. Above all, after not releasing music for so long,” the singer wrote about this new single.

Nothing to lose is just the first preview of everything the young woman has prepared for 2024. The artist plans to focus on her musical career and release new songs for next year. And in the end, Dora has a lot to offer the current musical scene. In fact, although she has not released music in this time, she has participated in festivals such as Mad Cool.

It is true that during 2022, Dora was busy filming Paco León’s film, Raibow, a reinterpretation of The Wizard of Oz. Without a doubt, Dora is going to give a lot to talk about.


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