2023: readers’ best albums

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Discover the albums released this year that won the favor of our readers. Relatively close to those of the editorial staff, they put Depeche Mode in the lead.

Depeche Mode – Memento Mori

At the top of our top readers of 2023, Memento Mori reveals itself as an album that is both deeply personal, a witness to a quest for resilience of a bereaved duo whose scope proves immensely universal, reminding us that the outcome is the same for everyone. And that it is urgent to live.

The Rolling Stones – Hackney Diamonds

A way of revisiting sixty years of existence, this album shows that The Rolling Stones still have some under their belt without trying to prove, if necessary, that the status of the biggest rock group in the world is deserved.

The Rolling Stones - hackney diamonds

They Call me Rico – Wheel of Love

Wheel of Love is a timeless blues testament, and dear Rico shows that we can put our stamp on the whole without betraying the cause. This record spins without ever tiring, proof that talent and passion remain intact.

they call me rico - Wheel Of Love

U2 – Songs of Surrender

On Songs of Surrender, U2 reminds you that these are robust songs that can be reimagined without any sonic gimmicks. This album shows how simply sitting down to play a U2 song can be universal and accessible.

U2 Songs of Surrender

Muse – Absolution (20 years)

Muse is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its third studio album with a luxurious box set, allowing you to enjoy the original album in the best conditions, while enhancing it with demos and a book allowing you to explore its backstage.

Ayron Jones – Chronicles of the Kid

Let us immediately reassure his aficionados: in going from child to kid, Ayron Jones has not abandoned his guitars along the way. It’s quite the opposite, the riffs, licks and solos of our child from Seattle, still often on edge in his reflections, are omnipresent, sounding more hard rock than ever.

Ayron Jones Chronicles

Neil Young – Chrome Dreams

Solo or with Crazy Horse, Young reveals here new, magnificent takes of his great classics, confirming the widespread opinion according to which Chrome Dreams would have undeniably constituted one of his best records of the 70’s.

Neil Young Chrome Dreams

Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon (50 years)

Rediscover Pink Floyd’s masterpiece with a box set including the remastered album, a live performance recorded in 1974, not to mention a huge 160-page book to explore all the secrets of Dark Side of the Moon.

pink floyd dark side of the moon readers

Ghost – Phantomime

Continuing the tradition of the cover EP, Ghost plays the splits game. He draws from Phil Collins, Iron Maiden and Tina Turner, applying his delectable ghostly touch.

ghost phantom

Iggy Pop – Every Loser

The conventions, the certainties like the fantasies that we want to project onto him, Iggy Pop gets rid of it with relish, bumps into it cheerfully. Another way not to get stuck, to continue to follow your path. Still without a shirt.

iggy pop every loser readers

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Christopher Johnson

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