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He shook the planet with the title “This is America” and released an album in March 2020 before almost disappearing, Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, returns soon with a new project.

He is the interpreter of hits like “Redbone” or the very disturbing “This is America”, at 40 years old the actor Donald Glover hides behind the assumed name Childish Gambino when he goes into the studio. And there is neither area in which he does not excel since he won a Golden Globe for best actor in 2017 for his series “Atlanta” and a Grammy in 2019 for the shocking music video for “This is America” .
Building on his success, Donald Glover is back stronger than ever.

First of all as an actor, he will make a return to the small screen in the shoes of an iconic hitman. He will reprise the role of Brad Pitt as Mr. Smith alongside Maya Erskine. The flagship 2005 film is being adapted this time into a series of 8 episodes which will be broadcast from February 8 on Amazon Prime Video. But this is not the only surprise for this man with many hats, in turn producer and screenwriter for the upcoming series “Swarm”, but also musician, since his rapper alias, Childish Gambino, should also return in 2024 with a new album. At least that’s what he teases.

Three years after “3.15.20,” Donald Glover warns that he will be back soon with new music. Indeed, questioned by TMZ during one of his appearances, the rapper confirmed that we could expect a new album made by Childish Gambino for “ Soon “. Patience is therefore required, but we can count him among the artists who will return in 2024.


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