40 things by Carlos Ares: “We all make the same song, the only merit is making it in an original way”

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His role as a performer may not be well known (until now), but the truth is that Carlos Ares He has been working in the music industry for more than a decade. Producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist, he is behind projects such as Marc Seguí, Paula Cendejas or Luna Ki.

In 2017, the Galician published his first single, I tremble. Now, seven years later, lance Pilgriman album that takes an honest, long and personal journey through his roots (closely linked to nature) or their experience in love in many of its aspects (romantic, fraternal…). A journey that, however paradoxical it may seem, has the essence of the nomad and the settlement: it accompanies those who are constantly moving and searching for themselves, but also those who have finally found a place to stay and that feeling of permanence.

That’s as far as the compositional part is concerned, because in what is strictly musical, Carlos wanted to reflect and make a “reinvention of folk and the most raw and organic sounds, and not for that reason old or boring; an authentic conception revolutionary in the dictatorship of the plugin, a flag that Carlos Ares raises on his way to himself”, as stated in the press release.

In this passion for organic, this 26-year-old has been for two years (since he published Speed) cooking up a concept for the live show accompanied by a band (made up of Begut, Christian Delgado, Antonio Tamargo, Mikaela Vázquez, Marcos Cao and Sergio Delgado), which clearly shows its northern, almost Celtic, evidently Atlantic influence that reaches the coasts of the United Kingdom.

He has already presented this album in several venues in our country, but in 2024 he will return to the road to establish himself as one of the figures on the national scene to keep track of from now on. It will be in Valencia, Bilbao, Barcelona, ​​Santiago de Compostela and Madrid.

To get to know the author of topics like Dews, Friend either Cicadahere we leave you 40 facts about him:

40 things about Carlos Ares, by Carlos Ares

1. Full name: Carlos Alberto Ares Castelo.

2. Year and city of birth: 1997, A Coruña.

3. Favorite musical genre: I like many.

4. What was the moment you knew you wanted to dedicate yourself to music? I don’t remember a particular moment, I think I always knew.

5. How do you remember your first time in a recording studio? Nervous, wanting to measure up, although strangely comfortable.

6. A musical genre you would never play: Never say Never.

7. A favorite artist and artist: James Brown and Sheryl Crow.

8. The music you listened to at home as a child: Classical/reggae/hiphop/rock music.

9. A song by another artist that inspired ‘Peregrino’: Wake Upby Arcade Fire.

10. Your favorite song from ‘Peregrino’ and why: The truth is that they all seem necessary to me for the coherence of the album, since I thought about it as a whole.

11. A song that you would have liked to compose by another artist: Jeremyby Pearl Jam.

12. The artist you would like to collaborate with: Eddie Vedder.

13. The musician who is in your contact book and makes you excited: “I have several that I’m excited about. For example, Vic Mirallas.”

14. A song of yours that you are especially proud of: Green bottle.

15. If you weren’t a singer, you would be… Biologist.

16. A series that has you hooked until you watch 5 episodes in a row: Cut along the dotted line.

17. A favorite hobby or sport: Walk through the mountains.

18. What you like most about music: The security it has given me.

19. The least: The insecurity it has given me.

20. A collaboration of yours that you are very proud of: Galerna, ft. DEVA.

21. A word that defines your relationship with music: Natural, it is a force of nature.

22. The social network that hooks you the most: None.

23: The social network that makes you laziest: All.

24. Something that makes you lazy: Social networks.

25. A phrase that you repeat a lot: We all make the same song, the only merit of our work is making that song in an original way.

26. Something about you that very few people know: I have one hand bigger than the other.

27. What is your favorite cartoon or TV character? Sheldon Cooper.

28. A movie (or several) that defines you: Flying free (my mother used it for me when I was little), The Hateful Eight (I connect too much with Tarantino’s sense of humor) and Atlantis (I am adventurous and weak like the protagonist).

29. Something you are FATAL at: Lie.

30. Something (or someone) you are obsessed with: My job.

31. Your personality (you are calm, hyperactive…): A medley: perfectionist, sensitive, obsessive, passionate, serious but cheerful and I try to be as honest as possible.

32. A childhood toy (or game) that you remember fondly: I had a collection of dinosaurs, I knew all the names.

33. What you miss most about childhood: My ease of crying. It’s not that he cried constantly, but he was very emotional. But now to make me shed a tear…

34. Something you regret: Not knowing how to better answer a WECB questionnaire.

35. Your favorite word: Coruna.

36. A hobby: Push myself to be excellent at everything.

37. The best advice you have ever received and from whom: “It is the Indian and not the arrow”, Sergio Delgado.

38. A hidden pleasure (or something you’re embarrassed to admit you like): Formula 1.

39. The most surreal thing that has happened to you in your career: Nowadays it is surreal to live doing what you like.

40. If you were not Carlos Ares and you met him, what would you think of him? It wouldn’t hurt to put on a mask to hydrate the ends.


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