SANREMO 2024: the Festival from A to Z

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Here we are at the final act. This evening marks the great conclusion of the 2024 Sanremo Festival and we thought we’d enclose this five-day marathon with a summary… from A to Z exactly.


Ama – deus: Everyone loves Ama. Renamed the Festival Emperor. The one who knew how to do better than Conti and who year after year brought the Festival to the people and the people to the festival.


Bookmakers: We have to do the math every year, but never like this year has the possible winner followed the current flows.


Covers: The most anticipated evening of the Festival, ever. The one on Friday will go down in history as the big whistle. A bit like the scores launched by the orchestra or the victory of the Emanuele Filiberto – Luca Canonici – Pupo trio.


Women: many women on stage including competing artists and co-hosts. Women no longer relegated to the corners, women who know how to take their space


Eurovision: Like every year, this word echoes in the ears during the final evening. Who will represent Italy this year?


Fantasanremo: Everyone, including teams and leagues, has played Fantasanremo and the artists have once again put themselves on the line, some more, some less… But is it starting to get boring?


Giovanni Allevi: The return to life, the return to the piano in front of an audience, the return to his words. One of the images that we will hardly forget from this Festival.


Hotels: They are, together with the Ariston stage, the focal point of a city that becomes a musical metropolis when necessary. Hours of queuing fans for an autograph and a photo, station for magazines and radio.


Waterproof: Because not even the incessant rain stopped the people who came for this Festival.


Length: A very long festival, before the Festival during the Festival and after the Festival with the Aristonello…so undaunted for five evenings.


Music: The music in this (as in past editions) was at the center. Thirty artists, parallel stages (in Piazza Colombo and on the ship). Improvised concerts by artists on the street (Negramaro), Jam sessions.


Naples: A regulation that in theory would have only provided for songs sung in Italian. A regulation that the estimator himself decided to leave out.


Eighty: The artists who followed one another on stage for the covers evening.


Controversy: Like every year there was no shortage of them and like every year they left the time they could find without damaging the image of a winning Festival


Here here: The dance of discord, the one for which we entered the ranks of the international press


Record: It is the Festival that held the share percentages the most. Scoring enviable peaks


Social: Everyone watches Sanremo, everyone talks about Sanremo on any social media.


Travolta: The worst appearance in history.


Humanity: Dargen and Ghali sent important messages from that stage. Turning the spotlight back on what is happening in the world.


Voting: A complicated regulation, almost giving a headache for who votes when. This evening, however, the fruits will be seen


Zig Zag: A racing festival, with increasingly crazy schedules, endless queues, people everywhere


Written by

Christopher Johnson

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