AC/DC: “Power Up”, expected return!

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With their new album, Power Upthe Australians once again remind us to what extent rock, the real, the hard, is inexhaustible

The difference between a watermark and an etching is similar to the attention paid to music. Some hum, others scream, so goes the world of reason and that of passion. When Amélie Nothomb takes a train at five in the morning and sleeps at the campsite to attend a Tool concert at Hellfest, when Belkacem Bahlouli writes 10 pages, when Bruce Springsteen opens one eye, when Mario Radic, a maniacal fan, creates a tribute band of AC/DC to play and share, we are here in examples of humans of character capable of spending a large part of their lives venerating certain arts without anything being able to deviate the course of their common path.

AC/DC comes out Power Up, 17th studio album, an album which took time but which we saw coming from afar. Two thousand and eighteen, some photos leaked on the internet, they were taken behind the studios of Mike Fraser in Vancouver. We see Brian Johnson, his ears are better, Cliff Williams more retired, Phil Rudd no longer in trouble with the law, Angus Young, but what are all these pretty people doing with a cigarette in their mouth? Two thousand and twenty, clues are still leaking, how stupid! The group’s official website is transformed, other more explicit photos “leaked” in a few minutes and which disappear, treasure hunt posters stuck on the walls of Sydney, Lille, Dallas, light projections on the wall of the Moulin Rouge, London, with a view of the Eiffel Tower, podcasts, interviews, etc… A real warriors communications plan!

“Just for Rock?” Well yes, AC/DC does Rock, that’s all they know how to do! »

Rock, just Rock

Why so much noise? Just for Rock? Well yes, AC/DC does Rock, that’s all they know how to do! Angus Young sleeps with a guitar under his bed, as soon as his brain is “On” he sits up and plays. Rock is his only drug, he only knows how to do that and so much the better for us.

This Power Up is a Rock album, just Rock, nothing but Rock! Of course AC/DC does AC/DC, of ​​course there are a little more wrinkles on the faces, reverb on Brian Johnson’s voice, there are a little more choruses, a little less electric lurches , but no, that’s why my ass is peeling Power Up I’m getting on board and I’m impatiently awaiting the announcement of a tour! Four and a half stars, the last one I’ll drink while waiting.

Power Up, the new AC/DC album, available everywhere. Buy/Listen.


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