Rosalía sings alongside Björk for a good cause

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The iconic singer of “Bizcochito” joins forces with the unique Reykjavik artist, Björk, to save the last wild salmon in North Iceland through a musical duo that combines their two worlds.

It’s a duo we didn’t expect. Rosalía and Björk take action against animal abuse. Through their single “Oral”, they denounce “ the serious environmental and ecological consequences of pen farming of sea salmon in Iceland “. While the eclectic Icelandic artist imagined this title 20 years ago, we discover her alongside the Spanish star in a sanitized and futuristic atmosphere. Indeed, in their clip, their faces seem to have been created by artificial intelligence and mix their two universes to form one. On the one hand, we recognize Rosalía’s aesthetic thanks to the plated hairstyles, the swords which recall the Japanese universe of her album ” Motomami » or even its beauty. And on the other, the musical universe of the singular Björk.

Like fighters from another planet, the two protagonists confront each other with swords in the middle of an immense, cold and soulless corridor. However, the two artists remain allies and specify that they do “ donating all their rights to the revenue generated by this song to the non-profit organization AEGIS, which fights against open-pen fish farming in Iceland “.

They add that “ their record companies agreed to do the same. All funds raised will be used to finance the legal costs of the protesters, who are working to prevent the development of intensive farming that harms wildlife, deforms fish and jeopardizes the DNA and survival of salmon. Immediate action is essential “.

On Björk’s Youtube channel, the singer of “Human Behavior” provides further explanations on her position and the urgency of the subject through a video entitled “help fight fish farming in iceland” (“help fight fish farming in iceland” (“help fight fish farming in iceland”) Help us fight fish farming in Iceland ), since the lyrics of “Oral” do not mention the question of fish, but rather talk about love.


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