After María Becerra, now Enrique Iglesias arrives with Yotuel ready to dance with ‘Fría’

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“How is the choreography of the video going?” Question of Enrique Iglesias to Me you him in a conversation between them on FaceTime. And the Cuban does not hesitate to show him what the next steps will be that will collapse TikTok.

All this to announce that this Thursday they are launching a collaboration: cold. “YOU HAVE TO DANCE IN THIS VIDEO PAPO 🕺🏾🕺🏾🔥🔥🔥🙈🙈”, the one who is a partner of Beatriz Luengo. What they have not confirmed is whether it is one of those songs that Enrique is going to include in which he assures that it will be his last album and that it will be released this February.

They are going to go off the map“, He said Omar Montes in one of his stories. And the thing is, Yotuel’s previous collaboration was precisely with him and with Original Elías, F.M.K. and Chavea Real with Wasa Wasa.

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It is clear that this new song comes ready to make us dance and They themselves are preparing the choreography in what is already beginning to look like one of the first proposals that allow us to look towards summer.

Cold is the beer we hope to drink when the good weather settles and it seems that they are willing to bring us a preview. There are only a few days left to know this one seems to be a new anthem to have fun.

Meanwhile, Enrique continues to focus on his tour with Ricky Martin and pitbull that it is giving you so much joy. And yes, although she said that he would stop releasing albums, it is clear that she is not going to stop releasing new songs.

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And if there’s one thing Yotuel likes to do, it’s collaborate. “God’s time is perfect. Thank you brother Enrique Iglesias. Let’s take on the world”, he shared on networks.

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for being a constant source of inspiration. Your talent and your passion for music are an example of ‘he who leans on a good tree, a good shade shelters him’. Thank you for sharing your light with me,” he added about the Spanish singer.

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Beatriz Luengo He is clear and assures that it is “the song that will change your life“His, of course, is going to change because he returns to Spanish television with a dance competition. He will be a jury for dance as you can and she seems delighted with the project. We’ll see if any contestant ends up dancing the new song by Enrique Iglesias and Yotuel.


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