Shocking Confession from Dakota Johnson: Why She Felt Unsafe on Set


In case the trailers for Madame Web weren’t enough to sow the seeds of doubt, Dakota Johnson has added another layer to it. As it stands, the Spider-Man Sony Universe (SSU for insiders) has become a true case study, demonstrating with remarkable ease a generous handful of errors to avoid repeating. Initiated in 2018 by the duology Venom, the extended universe related to the Web-Slinger has since suffered setbacks. In addition to the critical and commercial failure of the dire Morbius, the future Kraven the Hunter – whose release was delayed – doesn’t exactly seem like the film of the century. And incidentally, still no sign of Spider-Man.

If Peter Parker is absent in his own cinematic universe, potential enthusiasts will have the opportunity to discover the Spider-Woman, played by Sydney Sweeney, starring in the next Madame Web. The fourth production of the famous SSU, the film has so far experienced a slightly chaotic promotion, supported by unconvincing trailers. And just because she plays the title role doesn’t mean that Dakota Johnson has refrained from expressing her own doubts about the matter.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actress revealed that she was initially reluctant to lend her features to a superheroine. It was through reading the script that she was gradually convinced, charmed by the idea of portraying “a young woman whose superpower is her own mind”. However, Johnson also admitted to being unsettled by the filming experience, with multiple sequences obviously being shot in front of green screens.

Based on the images released so far, the digital effects used in the film do not appear to be the most elaborate – although the biggest concern is related to editing, but that’s another story. One thing is for sure, it’s pointless to pass judgment without having seen the movie to find out if Dakota Johnson’s concerns were justified. So, it will be necessary to wait until February 14 to get to the bottom of it..

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