Aitana gives new details about her concert at the Santiago Bernabéu: duration and guests

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Aitana does not stop meeting objectives. The Spanish star has filled the WiZink Center in Madrid three times in just one month with his Alpha Tour. Few Spanish artists have achieved it. But she, who is a girl with accomplished goals, has a new challenge for 2024: to make it her first solo stage.

On December 28, 2024 (one year from now), Aitana will be at the Santiago Bernabéu in Madrid fulfilling a dream: sing their songs in front of more than 60,000 people. An experience that the star will never forget (and neither will his aitaners). A show that will arrive after their summer festival tour and that will mark the end of the Alpha era. And we can’t think of a better way to end a stage than at the Bernabéu!

Although there is still a year left, during her visit to Chile, Aitana has revealed some details about this concert. And, as she has confirmed, in 2024 she will be focused on this super event. “I think the Santiago Bernabéu is like a wedding that you have to prepare a year in advance. It really means being involved in rehearsing non-stop”Aitana has confessed in an interview for WECB Chile.

The duration

“I’m going to do a show for about three hours,” the singer said about the concert. And the thing is that, in addition to her songs, as she has said, she will sing some of the songs of her friends’ artists. “Sing my songs, but also their songs. Let it be something more collaborative. The Bernabéu requires it,” Aitana said in another interview for Social Gram.

Furthermore, with this duration, we would not be surprised if Aitana sang some of the songs that she has removed from her Alpha Tour. Topics as popular as Telephone, When you left, 11 Reasons either I feel They could play again in the show. And his fans would love to hear these songs again.

The guests

The other information that Aitana has given is that it is going to be a concert full of guests. “I plan to bring a lot of artist friends,” the singer said in the same interview. And the Catalan is one of the most popular people in the Spanish music industry!

In this way, on the stage of the Santiago Bernabéu we could find singers like Zzoilo, Marmi, Lola Índigo, Beret, Pablo Alborán, Rels B, Sangiovani or David Bisbal. But also international artists such as Morat, Danna Paola or Nicki Nicole.

We cross our fingers that Ana Guerra is encouraged to sing The bad that day with his former Operación Triunfo partner. Can you imagine?

Will you sing new songs?

The truth is that Aitana has also talked about her next album. In her interview with WECB Chile, the Ella Bailaba interpreter confessed that starting in January she plans to lock herself in the studio:

“I’m calm because I’ve started preparing the next album. This is a wheel, it doesn’t stop. I’m going to Los Angeles for a month in January to compose. I already have many songs planned, I already have a lot of thought about where the next thing is going to go,” the singer ended by saying.

Without a doubt, Aitana plans a 2024 full of projects. Will we have new songs for the Bernabéu?


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