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Aitana has already passed the halfway point of his tour and is now preparing for the final stretch of his alpha tourto which he will put the final cherry on top with three concerts at the Wizink Center from Madrid. But before ending her third tour, the Catalan wanted to capture some of her memories on her skin.

It is well known to everyone that Aitana He is a lover of ink and already has several tattoos on his skin. In fact, in his song 2 Strangers talks about the tattoo he got for his ex-partner Miguel Bernardeu and which he seems to regret.

“I met you when I was 19, kisses come and kisses come, why do I go back to that bar if it’s cold as snow and you’re not there. It was because I was an idiot that I got that tattoo, but now you’re not there,” sings the one from Barcelona on her third alpha album.

Last November 1st, Aitana She offered a concert in Bilbao in which many of the singer’s fans realized that she was wearing two new designs on her skin.

The first of the tattoos that we can distinguish, despite the low quality of the photo due to the distance, is a fairy, with long hair, bangs, something that has always characterized the singer, and large, thin wings. We do not know the meaning it has for Aitanabut mythologically these fantastic beings are attributed magical powers and, traditionally, they are protective spirits of nature, symbolizing beauty and physical attraction.

And on his right arm, you can see a butterfly on the front. This is not the first lepidopterist that the singer has made. The Babiesand a couple of years ago he got another one tattooed on the back of that same arm.

Will this new tattoo have some kind of relationship with his song Butterflies where he collaborates with the Italian Sangiovanni?

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What other tattoos does Aitana have?

If we count, the Catalan singer would have more than a dozen tattoos on her skin and, on some occasions, she herself has explained what their meaning is.

On the right forearm, Aitana He tattooed the number of the sticker assigned to him at the casting of Triumph operation: 1727. In addition, her birthday is July 27, so this tattoo has double meaning for the artist. On the same arm, a catalana has several designs: a butterfly in the interior part, of which the meaning is unknown, although some voices on social networks comment that it may be due to a simile between the metamorphosis that these animals undergo in their lives and the one that she has experienced during her musical career.

A little further down, we find a soup bowl that Aitana It was made in honor of his dog, who was named after this dish. After a very special vacation with her family in Ibiza last summer, the singer decided to get a tattoo half Moon. “We had a moon just as it was when we arrived in Ibiza, on our vacation,” she explained later. And finishing this arm, in the back, just above the elbow, she has the silhouette of two faces looking at opposite sides.

On his left arm, he tattooed a large sunflower with her best friend and on one of her first visits to El Hormiguero she explained that “sunflowers take the energy of the sun and when it disappears, they turn to pass this energy to each other.”

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The first tattoo he got Aitanais also on this same arm, and is the word munay, which she has tattooed together with her older cousins. While she participated in O.T. She explained to her classmates what “love for yourself, your family and your life” means.

Recently, near his wrist, he has tattooed his parents’ initials: a cby Cosme and a b, from Bethlehem. And between this tattoo and the sunflower, he has also put a spiderwith a minimalist design, of which we do not know the meaning it may have for Aitana.

In addition to all these tattoos, the Catalan has two other designs outside her arms, which seems to be the place she likes the most to capture memories on her skin. One of them is a bee of a fairly large size on the back of his right ankle. And the other is the tattoo that she got during her relationship with the actor Miguel Bernardeu: It is a M in the ribs.


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