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The band that is on its way to giving its best.

Fontaines DC I return to Mexico. This time as a guest band of the Arctic Monkeys in it Sun Forum. Therefore, we spoke with his drummer Tom Collabout his experience with the public
Mexican and some secrets.

Without a doubt, the Irish group was a surprise that we did not expect. Since we saw his name on that digital poster we couldn’t get enough of the excitement of knowing that we could hear his new songs live. Although we live under the effect Mandelathe reality is that this is the 2nd time that the band performs in the city.

It has been spectacular. We had a show here in 2019 in Low Circuit, it was too small for 100 people and it’s crazy to come back and play in front of 60 thousand people two nights in a row. I feel like we got lost at some point, but it’s like home,” he says. Tom with a big smile.

That same night, the night of October 7 on his second date with Arctic Monkeysthey would offer a DJ set at the facilities of the Indie Rocks Forum! “We have done these DJ sets for the last six months, we play 60s rock, electronic, techno, it is very fun and we get excited every time we do these types of shows,” he shares. And only you, the lucky ones to get access to this event, will be able to tell us a little more about this event.

We are a band that spends a lot of time shaping our sound and making sure it’s perfect for us. The jamming process is good, maybe we can see them on an album later.”

But that is not all, Fontaines DC is a band that has been active since 2018, a few weeks ago they presented their album to us Skinty Fia Go Deo with some live versions of the songs that make up this album.

“We recorded Skinty Fia and a few months later I was ready to leave. But we felt there was a lot of down time so we recorded some special sessions that you can later watch on Spotify either iTunes, but we wanted to give them a better ending so they wouldn’t be wasted. “It was a lot of fun, now that I listen to those songs that we made in 2021, it was very fruitful,”
comment Tom.

In this album we can find a cover of the song “One” of U2 and this is not a mere matter of taste, but cultural legacy.

U2 It reappeared in our lives and we began to appreciate it again. As an Irish person you grow up hearing them everywhere, but I personally distanced myself from them. But it’s one of the greatest, most iconic bands, so it was great to create our own version.”

“They are different battles. I enjoy being on tour, I feel grateful for it and it fulfills me more than spending months writing and recording. They are different things, but you have to learn to adapt. “I’m glad I’m not sick of this.”

Fontaines DC It is one of the bands that has given the most people to talk about in recent years, due to its style, power on stage and the message of its songs. Sometimes these conversations can lead the band to take other directions, but for the Irish it is different.

Sometimes when you are so focused you don’t really appreciate it because you are only focused on what will happen next year, next month and so on. We went to Australia at the beginning of the year and then we had six months off, it’s good not to be in the spotlight. We have three albums in a row so we haven’t had any big breaks, but I think we feel a little older now and that’s good.”

From its genre, it may be a band that has achieved great things, but perhaps they don’t feel so fulfilled despite reaching great stages and recognition during this time.

“I don’t feel like we’re missing something. “Each album evolves and we try to infuse a new sound into each one: new ideas, new concepts and I am very excited to start working on a new album.”

How will the next one be heard? Fontaines DC It’s getting darker and deeper. Thus Tom, gives us the answer to this growth. “It’s a secret. We become as dark as people transform,” she says jokingly, “that’s the way.”

On our first album we were in Dublin and we wanted to challenge ourselves. Now that we play those songs we realize that they sound very youthful.” Currently, the Irish band is working on new ideas, tying down a concept and creating a new album, but there is no date for that yet. However, Tom comments that we can expect a visit in 2024 with a solo show.

While we wait, you can listen Skinty Fia Go Deo on your favorite digital platforms.

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