Aitana takes her Alpha House to Seville: this is what her party was like

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“How are you? Nothing. Thank you all very much for coming. I hope you have a great time, especially because this is a dance party,” with these words he began Aitana to play at the Antique nightclub in Seville. The Catalan brought her latest Alpha House to the Andalusian capital this Wednesday, November 15, as a party prior to the Latin Grammy celebration.

Aitana appeared around half past one in the morning on the nightclub stage. Of course, the cries of the fans and some faces of the music industry did not wait long. But before the princess of national pop went out to DJ, there was a luxury guest (especially for soccer fans). Borja Iglesias, Betis footballer, came out on stage. A face that no one expected.

Aitana and Betis, united by Alpha House

“But is it Borja?”, “How strong!” or “Is that him?” were some of the comments that were heard when the athlete appeared with a smile to approach the mixing desk. He did it while DJ Merca Bae entertained the event.

A few minutes later, with glasses and a colorful jumpsuit, Aitana appeared.. “Two weeks ago I was at a concert in Seville and it was incredible, but today we are not at a concert, today we are here to have a good time,” said the artist.

What sounded at the Alpha House in Seville?

That’s when Aitana’s Alpha Session began. For an hour, the artist played all kinds of great songs, uniting dance with other genres such as reggaeton. The best of both worlds, like Hannah Montana! And there was no shortage of songs by Karol G, Young Miko or Bad Bunny in her repertoire.

Of course, being an Alpha House, some of their songs couldn’t be missing. In addition to Dararí, to end his session on a high note, he played Las Babys. A moment when everyone started screaming like crazy!

But Aitana was not alone on stage. During her session, some faces from the industry came up to accompany her. From the influencer Telmo Trenado to Judeline.

Without a doubt, the 800 people that Aitana managed to gather at this Alpha House enjoyed the experience: a previous party organized by the Santalucía Universal Music Week within the Latin Grammys that has honored the motto of this new era of the Catalan, “Dancing is Mandatory.”


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