Beyoncé: a series of concerts at the Sphere in Las Vegas?

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The media “New York Post” recently revealed that the owner of the Sphere in Las Vegas has started discussions with Beyoncé to organize a residency in the futuristic room.

It’s hard to miss, whether you live in Las Vegas or not. The immense sphere covered with LED screens located in Vegas is one of the craziest projects of the 21st century.

Straight from the imagination of James Dolan, an American businessman, this ball is the perfect location for an advertising spot. For example, she dressed up in the colors of a basketball to promote the NBA’s “Summer League” last summer.

But this investment of 2 billion dollars is not presented as simple advertising space. The screens that cover the outside of the ball are also found inside, allowing for extraordinary immersion.

Also benefiting from a high-end sound system, the hall aims to establish itself as an essential concert venue that promises extraordinary musical experiences.

Currently, it is the Irish rockers of the group U2 who perform within the sphere. Their residency will end on February 18, 2023. And after? The very expensive project is starting to pose problems for investors, who are worried about not finding their way financially.

So, James Dolan must prepare for the post-U2 era. An artist capable of taking up the challenge? The billionaire obviously has an idea in mind.

The media “The New York Post” would have, according to its sources, been aware of exchanges between Dolan and Beyoncé. The Queen of R’n’B could perform, provided she receives a staggering fee of 10 million dollars, the same price as U2. Still according to “The New York Post”, Jay-Z’s wife would also claim a good portion of the proceeds from ticket sales.


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