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Alex Britti returns with a new single Super heroesa song with a blues, pop, rap sound and with urban influences.

Superheroes written and produced by Alex Britti and finally ready to be released just 6 months after the release of Tutti come te and Nuda – which last spring revealed his two pop and songwriting souls – promises to conquer all fans thanks to the extraordinary combination of notes ranging from blues to rap in a purely electronic key, combined with a committed and reflective text.

The song represents an evolution of Alex’s unique style, as he continues to experiment with entirely distinctive sounds, blending multiple musical genres. With his engaging voice and accompanied by his faithful guitar, Alex transmits deep emotions that reach listeners directly.

I imagined many real “superheroes” in 2020 during the covid period, in the two months closed at home I thought not so much about the moment itself but about what the “after” would be like, says Alex Britti “a friend had opened a rehearsal room a few months before , another friend an oven, how would the musicians, actors, technicians, security people have faced the costs of starting up the company, how would they have paid their children’s school fees if they couldn’t work? and in fact many people have been forced to reinvent themselves to get by, improvise in different jobs, do uncommon actions, bring out energy even when you know you don’t have any left, well, I imagined these as real superheroes…”

Superheroes talks about sacrifice and tenacity, it is a song dedicated to all the people who try to survive daily with a precarious and low-paid job.

Alex here addresses single mothers and fathers struggling with the entanglements of their endless days, the dreamers who always hope for a better future, all the ordinary people who are the true superheroes of society: they call us men we eat clouds / we wander around traffic we work miracles, they call us saints they call us heroes but who jumps through somersaults who better than us / they call us angels they call us beasts / we work hard we have hidden talents / we hold on we are special, we are like the others but we are not all the same…




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