Allison Lorenzen premieres “Words”

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The artist pays tribute to Low with this single.

Allison Lorenzen is a musician and artist born in Denver, Colorado but currently based in Southern, focused on working with minimalist noises very much in the style of dream pop and darkwave and painful slowcore. She recently released her single “Words”, a collaboration with the label The Flenserwho is releasing a compilation of covers from friends of the label and artists from the label called Your Voice is Not Enough. The full compilation will be released in 2024 with an exclusive vinyl for members. flenser and will also be digitally available on all platforms streaming.

His debut solo album, Tend, received critical acclaim upon its 2021 release under the label Whited Sepulcher Records. In particular, the 2023 version of Allison Lorenzen and Midwife from the 1994 alternative rock hit by Bush, “Glycerin”.

Your Voice is Not Enough is presented with this great tribute to Low through the voice of Lorenzen. The idea came from a conversation between Tom Wasluck (Planning for Burial) and The Flenser where both were fascinated by the nuanced beauty in the discography of Low. What began as a discussion about ranking her favorite albums ended up blossoming into a collective effort that led to the gathering of a diverse group of artists and friends from flenser.

Unfortunately the compilation took shape before the death of Mimi Parker and in celebration of the impact her participation had on the world of music, we released and dedicated this album in her honor.

This tribute includes eight versions by eight different artists including: Cremation Lily, Holy Water, Midwife and Amulets, Drowse with Lula Asplund, Kathryn Mohr, Planning for Burial, Have A Nice Life and Allison Lorenzen.



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