‘Alpha Tour’ LATAM: Aitana makes a big splash in Mexico with Danna Paola as guest artist

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Aitana couldn’t have started her Alpha Tour through Latin America better. The National Auditorium in Mexico City hosted the first concert of the second stage of their tour last night, and there are several moments that we should highlight. First of all: the public. More than 9,000 people came to the site of the Aztec capital to support and accompany the Spanish artist on her musical adventure through the south of the American continent.

This was expressly seen in a song on the setlist. When it was her turn You’re going to stay, a song that excites Aitana very much – especially because in the last shows it is dedicated to the memory of Elena Huelva – the fans chanted in unison (and with all their strength) each and every one of the verses, while the singer He was holding a flag of the country. “Aitana, sister, you are Mexican,” could be heard at one point.

The second great moment of the evening came from the hand of the guest artist who took the stage. Being in a country like Mexico and having a collaboration together, it could not be other than Danna Paola. They both sang AQYNE for the first time live, but it was much more than just a performance. There was affection, mutual admiration, complicity and a lot girl power.

The public He went crazy with their joint performance, with the dance steps… and they died of love when they merged into a big hug, symbol of gratitude and friendship that they have shared for years. Before Danna left the stage, the singer 11 reasons He wanted to say goodbye to her with all the honors and thank her for having participated in his show.

“I want you to know, although well, you already know, that Danna is obviously the queen of Mexico. We all know that. And apart from that, she is a very hard-working woman who doesn’t stop for a single moment. When we got together to record the video clip, she told me ‘I come from I don’t know where, from the other side’, and I: ‘but when are you going to stop?’ Even so, she has found a time to come to this auditorium with me, when she has already had eight hundred thousand… I thank you very much. I tell you all the time: I admire you, I love everything you are doing and I can’t wait to listen to your album. And I love the song you released today, it fascinates me, so thank you for to be here”.

Words of admiration, also under the stage

Danna Paola premiered yesterday, Friday I still love youa single that represents a new direction in his career, as he expressed through X (former Twitter): “Everything changes, everything evolves and I I knew this whole transition was going to be difficult., different, some will stay, others will arrive… I share my art with my soul and you return love to me and that is what matters most to me, knowing that I am part of your life, in your day to day, with my music is the greatest gift. ♥️”.

After the concert, Aitana took advantage of the adrenaline rush to share some public words with her friend and partner: “Honestly, my friend, you are at your PEAK. I admire you a lot, you know. It shows that you are enjoying and leading everything you are doing to the fullest.” doing. You are an inspiration Danna.”

A message that also received a response, with the same level of respect and deep admiration. “I love you very much, and you are an inspiration, you are unique, very powerful and I love being able to have the opportunity to create and enjoy music, thank you friend,” the actress also responded.


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