All about Sandra Valero and her proposal to represent Spain in Junior Eurovision 2023

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The countdown has started. There are officially less than 24 hours left to know Who gets the mini crystal microphone from Junior Eurovision 2023. This Sunday, 16 countries will compete in the twenty-first edition of the contest made by and for the youngest and presented by Tony Aguilar and Julia Varela. Sandra Valero, the representative of Spain at the festival, is already in Nice (France), ready to dazzle with her performance.

Despite being only 11 years old, the artist has shown that his work and talent deserve to be heard at the European level. His desire for music is something he was born with, since his family is fully involved in the industry: from his father, his uncle to his great-grandparents.

Getting to shine in the casting to get the pass to Nice was not easy, but Sandra did it. To do this, she chose the topic Part of your world, from the soundtrack of The little Mermaid and he knew how to hit the right button to excite the jury.

This is what Sandra Valero’s song ‘Loviu’ sounds like

The song that will take Spain to the 21st edition of Junior Eurovision by Sandra Valero is called Loviu. A pop song that, according to TVE, invites “children to dream, to travel through thoughts and explore their inner world” and that is composed by Luis Ramiro, singer-songwriter and poet, Diego Cantero, known artistically as Funambulist. , Alejandro Martínez, composer, pianist and music teacher and David Parejo, in charge of the production of the song.

a song that was born with the objective of being understood everywhere and to do this he sings in all languages ​​one of the most popular and used words in the world: I love you.

In the video clip of LoviuSandra Valero wanted to capture what this song means to her and that it invites you to “dream, travel and get to know the world through music.”

What will your staging be like?

Since we learned that Sandra Valero would be the representative of Spain, the artist has been working hard ahead of November 26. The Valencian has given us few details about what her staging will be like, although last Sunday, before embarking on her trip to Nice, she did give some touches that we have completed after seeing her rehearsals.

“There will be a lot of dancing, a lot of scenery,” he said. And we have no doubt that, at 11 years old, the best thing she will do on stage is give her all and give it her all. Furthermore, in case there were any unknowns left unresolved, in the rehearsals that she has done this week we have been able to see that everything is taken care of down to the smallest detail: the scene, the costumes and the choreography.

On stage, what stands out most is a large structure of suitcases that simulate an airplane and its wings, although the visuals are also of great importance. Regarding the costumes, Sandra Valero will wear a suit as a traveling superheroine who wants to know other countries, languages ​​and culture. .

All the luck in the world to our representative at Junior Eurovision!


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