Amaia and David Bisbal live their big night at the 2024 Goya Awards

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The Goya Awards They are understood less and less without musical performances. These represent a pause between speeches of thanks, but above all they serve to pay tribute to the great figures and titles of our cinema, as well as to give the value that music also occupies in the development of different audiovisual productions. And there is not performance without a performer, if the Spanish cinema festival allows us Anglicism.

For all this, The musical numbers that would take place during tonight’s evening promised to return to the height of events. And so it has been, thanks to artists like Amaia and David Bisbalwho were already known to act… But not together! Despite not having shared the stage, the two have been in charge of warming up the engines for the gala start of the Javis and Ana Belén, who had already starred in a brief live sketch before hearing them sing.

And to everyone’s surprise, the one who won Operation Triumph 2017 He sat down at the piano and started with My big nightan already iconic Raphael anthem.

After that, David Bisbal, interpreter of Bulería, has debuted on the stage of the great festival of Spanish cinema continuing with My big night, generating great excitement and joy throughout Valladolid. The gala is presented by Ana Belén, Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi, and is being a tribute to Spanish cinema and audiovisual culture.

Amaia’s other times at the Goya

The woman from Pamplona is not only a repeater at this type of events, but also this year she has landed on a very good footing in the world of acting after her first and well-deserved nomination at the Feroz Awards after her debut as an actress in The Messiah by Los Javis (who present this year’s gala together with Ana Belén from the Valladolid Fairgrounds).

With this 2024, Amaia Romero already has three performances at a Goya Awards ceremony. Singer It premiered at the 2019 gala in the company of Rozalén, Judit Neddermann and Manu Guix. That year, the four artists were in charge of making a medley of the songs nominated for Best Original Song And, precisely in that edition, the woman from Pamplona lived a “land swallow me” moment that she knew how to solve with the spontaneity, honesty and knowing how to be that characterize her.

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The author of When I don’t know who I am, which was the one that opened the musical number of the night, asked to resume the music from the beginning since she entered the song late due to a sound problem, as the musical director of Operación Triunfo explained hours later. “The failure was not Amaia’s, it was a sound issue because they didn’t open my monitors and I couldn’t hear the clapperboard or anything and it was impossible to start the song. What Amaia did was save the number! #Goya2019,” exclaimed Guix via Twitter.

In 2020, the Navarrese singer returned to the Goya to pay solo tribute to one of her greatest idols: Pepa Flores (Marisol). At the 34th edition of this awards ceremony, Amaia performed a beautiful and exciting version – at first a cappella and then accompanied by a guitar – of Marisol’s song, as a tribute to the winner of the Goya de Honor that year.

David Bisbal: a film buff from head to toe

Star of the format’s last intimate concert WECB Basic SantanderBisbal was able to get into the shoes of one of his favorite films of all time, as is Return to the future. The singer got into an authentic DeLorean to have a movie ticket to the Eslava Theater and thus take a trip back in time with a group of lucky fans who were able to enjoy his hits live today and always.

Recognized film buff not only for being a fan of the trilogy starring Marty McFly, the Andalusian has flirted on several occasions with the seventh art from its most musical side. In the time left by sessions in the recording studio and concert tours around the world, David has also had time to be part of soundtracks. On the one hand, he gave his voice to Frozen II for a new version of the song Far beyond. On the other hand, he was the interpreter of Here I catch you, here I kill you. the central theme of the film Torrent 4: Lethal Crisis.

The 'in memoriam'  of the Goya Awards 2024: From Concha Velasco to Itziar Castro
The ‘in memoriam’ of the 2024 Goya Awards: From Concha Velasco to Itziar Castro

And, be careful, he also made two brief cameos, playing himself, in two of the sitcoms most loved by the Spanish public: 7 lives and Aida. Despite everything, the most important feature film in which he has participated has been Bisbalthe documentary that reviews, both on a personal and professional level, his two decades of career since Operation Triumph 1 until the release of his latest album I feel alivegoing through his childhood and his time as an orchestra singer.


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