Estopa brings his unique rumba to the 2024 Goya Awards

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This 2024 promises to be especially sweet for Tow. The Cornellá duo celebrates 25 years in music, a great number whose anniversary will be accompanied by the release of estopy, his tenth studio album, and a concert tour through various stadiums in Spain.

But first, David and Jose wanted to make a stop in Valladolid to celebrate their long career with the Film Academy and the Goya Awards 2024. The Muñoz brothers have taken the stage at the Fairgrounds of the Castilian-Leonese city to offer a very special musical number, covering Los Chichos and their I want to be free.

Estopa, lovers of Tarantino’s cinema

Although it does not belong to the Spanish film industry, in Estopa they have acknowledged being very film buffs. In 2019, the group confessed their passion for Quentin Tarantino’s filmography in an interview with the newspaper. ABC. “We love Tarantino. And his soundtracks are brilliant,” said Jose; while David replied: “In fact, we have even been inspired by the songs from his movies to make some of our songs.”

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In this meeting, they also commented on the parallelism that existed between their life and that of the famous director: “He worked in a video store and, when we were little, we spent entire afternoons there, looking at the movie covers. My “Life was the video store. We would leave school and go there to wait for the movie we wanted to see to arrive. And when it didn’t arrive, you had to resort to a plan B. We would spend hours and hours there,” the two recalled.

A decade earlier, in 2009, the Muñoz brothers released their own documentary Estopa X, return to Hispaniola, which reviewed his ten years of career. Presented by Andreu Buenfuente, the presenter and comedian speaks with his protagonists and some of his friends about the beginnings of Estopa – whose stage name originates from the expression of one of his bosses in the car factory where they worked – and includes fragments from an acoustic concert in a bar in Cornellá in September of that same year.

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