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It’s been two years since Amaia launches Yamaguchi: a beautiful jota that pays tribute to one of the best-known parks in Pamplona. And the city of Navarra has been twinned with Yamaguchi (Japan) for years.

In this way, the Spanish artist dedicated a beautiful song to him where she tells of the importance that this park has had in her life. Especially in her adolescence, where the young girl had her first kisses. “She asked me if in Japan, a girl will cry like I have cried love during the San Juan festivities,” says the OT 2017 winner at one point in the song.

Well then! Now she will be able to know it first hand. And the artist, as we informed you a few days ago, will give a concert this Sunday, November 3, in the city of Yamaguchi. It should be remembered that the singer released a Japanese version of this same song. A version that has been very well received.

Amaia appears on Japanese television

This Friday, December 1st. Amaia has been in the news. Literally. And the interpreter of You Want to Be My Friend has been one of the protagonists of the news in Japan. The 24-year-old has appeared on Japanese television because she has been received in style. And they have put a plaque with his name in the Japanese park.

In the Japanese news images we can see the artist saying that she is hallucinating with everything that is happening to her in Japan. He has also sung the Yamaguchi song live in Japanese, receiving a barrage of applause when he finished.

Of course, the video of Amaia in the Japanese news did not take long to go viral. And many of her fans have shared her joy at seeing her idol in such a distant country. Without a doubt, Amaia has not stopped making history since we met her at the OT academy.


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