Listen to “Horizonte De Sucesos”, the new song by Tiburona

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“They say that we come from dead stars and that you find yourself in these dusts, in all these places that you regret…”

Nowadays, talking about the future has become a difficult task and, in a time as changing as the one we find ourselves in, uncertainty makes even the very horizon stagger. Thus, Shark (made by Laura, Rita and supercarmen) gives us “Event Horizon”a song that belongs to his next album We become extinct.

This song is probably the most multifaceted song on the album in which, in the middle of the usual rock tangle, Spanish guitars and castanets have a place. Furthermore, the melodic voice merges with the nuances western to sing about the curious tendency of human beings to self-extinction.

In addition, “Event Horizon” It is accompanied by a very interesting music video. In it, we see an animation where two skulls play chess and choose the personality of their pieces through the tarot, as if this were the response to the inhuman acts of humans. That is, it is about the fascinating ability of human beings to murder themselves.. Or, as the director of the video says Pablo Ballarin:

Two skeletons play a special chess. The tokens are humans, and their destiny is death. But death in this century is not brought by glamorous destiny. We do not know who created human beings, but we do know who exterminated human beings. For the entire family.”

This song adds to the love “Thinking of you” published a few weeks ago. There is less left to enjoy an album that will be released at the beginning of 2024 and that will undoubtedly fill our hearts with melodies of light for dark moments. In the meantime, listen and reflect. “Event Horizon”:


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