Amy Winehouse: a new video for ‘In My Bed’ comes to light with unpublished images

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Amy Winehouse is back in a never-before-seen video. If a few days ago we saw the first trailer of Back To Blackthe biographical film about the artist, now, coinciding with the 20th anniversary from Amy’s debut album, franksome have just seen the light never seen before images by the British singer and songwriter. These are some unreleased raw material from the filming of the music video for her hit song from 2004, Ella, In My Bedrecorded at that time by the director Paul Gore.

Posted to Winehouse’s official YouTube page yesterday, the clip consists of outtakes from the song’s original clip. In the video with the lyrics of In My Bed, Winehouse, then 20 years old, is seen wandering through a hotel lobby, up the stairs, while carrying a guitar case, and at one point joins a band of musicians in a ballroom. However, since the clip predates his era Back To Blackthe singer does not yet sport her characteristic beehive hairstyle.

As we said, the release of this lyric video commemorates 20 years since the publication of the original video of In My Bedwhich was released on April 5, 2004. It also anticipates the launch, next February, of the 20th anniversary reissue frank, which consists of the double vinyl edition in picture disc format. While the first disc features the original album cover, the second disc will include additional photographs by Valerie Philips from the official session that was done for the album in 2003. In addition, the LP includes the singles Take The Box, Stronger Than Me, In My Bed and F**k Me Pumps.

The thirteen songs of frank They announced the arrival of a unique artist, an incredible performer and composer. The images included in this new edition show a young Amy at the beginning of her incredible musical journey.

Amy Winehouse was a star as self-destructive as she was brilliant who became part of the club of artists who died at the age of 27, including Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix either Jim Morrison. Like all of them, his life was marked by drug and alcohol abuse.

However, his voice was so characteristic that it could be easily recognized. Winehouse mastered excellent technique and knew how to connect very well with his style. Her voice marked character and personality. She was also emotional, so, I could communicate the emotions of the letters with feeling. The artist He left immortal songs, with autobiographical lyrics; He only left two albums, the ones already mentioned frank and Back to Black, but they were enough to turn her into one of the icons of soul.


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