Ana Guerra: “I won’t miss the Bernabéu de Aitana for anything in the world”

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Ana Guerra and Aitana conquered the Spanish music industry in 2018 to the rhythm of The bad. The song, which was born from the Eurovision selection that year, became one of the biggest hits born from the academy of Triumph operation. The Canarian and the Catalan left the program adding millions of views on streaming platforms. streams thanks to this topic. A song that the two young women sang again and again during that year: from the WECB Music Awards to the Santiago Bernabéu at the final OT concert.

Now, Aitana returns to the famous Real Madrid stadium. He does it with a very special show where he will say goodbye to his Alpha era and will have a lot of guests, as he has confirmed in some interviews. Now, during her interview with WECB for her new EP, Once Upon a Time (which you can see in the next few days on WECB), Ana Guerra told us that on December 28, 2024 she will be supporting her OT partner at the Bernabéu. “I won’t miss the Bernabéu de Aitana for anything in the world,” the singer began by saying.

“I uploaded a story as soon as I found out. And I said ‘oh wow, the milk’ and I said ‘I couldn’t be more proud of her. I had no doubt that she was going to achieve it,’ Ana continues saying.

The singer from La luz delTuesday goes on to say that Aitana told her at WECB Music Awards 2023: “She told me when we started talking for a little while and she told me ‘I’m going to do the Bernabéu’. From that moment on I knew I was going to do it.” “It fills up super fast and if you give it another one, it fills it up for you, I’ll tell you that too. And, man, I would love to be there, watching it and enjoying a moment like that.”


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Would you sing together The bad?

When Aitana said that she was going to bring many of her friends on stage at the Santiago Bernabéu, since the singer wants to do a three-hour show, some of her fans asked her to sing Lo Malo again. And what better way to do it than with Ana Guerra?

It is true that the song of The bad It is neither Ana nor Aitana, since they released it when they were in OT and although they defended it at all times, the two artists began their musical career outside the academy later. Even so, we would love to see this moment again on stage and repeat what happened in 2018 when the two young women sang it at the Bernabéu during the OT tour. Would Ana Guerra be willing? ““I would love to, if she wants to, I’m very willing, of course.”Ana responded.

Be that as it may, we will have to wait until December 28, 2024 (a year from now) to see what the Catalan does and what guests will be on stage. We are dying to hear it.


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