Listen to ´Limbo Dance Land´, the new EP by Vudufa

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The Peruvian DJ and producer will close the year with a bang.

Francisco de Los Heros, a Peruvian DJ and producer who since 2019 has been doing different and unique things in the new wave of Latin American music, has already released several EPs where he demonstrates his ability to mix traditional rhythms of Andean music with genres such as techno or kuduro, to name a few. This was a good year for Francisco, better known as Voudufa, and to close with a flourish, he has decided to give us four tracks for our December holidays.

And it is that through Respect, the producer is premiering with Limbo Dance Land, a series of songs that, without a doubt, have everything to make you dance. These mix different Andean rhythms with techno to create a unique sound experience where voudufa will take you to travel.

The first topic is “QDoom”a track influenced by Gqom, an electronic genre originating in South Africa, which is characterized by its deep basses, tribal voices and hypnotic rhythms.

The second, “Dembou”is a cut that fuses old school reggaeton with electronic music, especially house.

The third call “Limbo Dance Land”, is the song that gives its name to the EP, and which fuses kuduro, an electronic genre of Angolan origin, with reggaeton and electronica. The producer incorporates voice samples that give a nostalgic touch to the song, which contrasts with the percussions, bass and techno.

And finally “It will be Heaven”a single that reflects the characteristic sound of Voudufa, with the fusion of Afro-Peruvian percussions and techno pulsations. It is the perfect ending to this dance ritual, which leaves us with a feeling of magic and ecstasy.

If you are not afraid to open up to new rhythms, you have to listen to the new album by Voodoo. Give it a chance, you won’t regret it.


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