ANNALISA On May 14th in concert for the first time at the Verona Arena (info and tickets)

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Annalisa will present the song “Sincerely” in competition at the next Sanremo Festival

In this song there is a strong woman who claims her right to be free.” – Annalisa says – “she is free to take herself seriously and also to be light-hearted, to be ambitious, to express herself, cry, joke, complain, rejoice, without being judged, indeed, understood and respected.
Free to be. I think freedom is the greatest declaration of love possible.

Because if I am free, I am “sincerely” yours.”

The song will be contained in the new version of the album “E poi we finished in the vortex” available from February 9th.


Annalisa, after the concert-event of the Assago Forum last November and the announcement of her ALL IN THE VORTICE PALASPORT tour which, starting in April 2024, will visit the main Italian cities, announced her first scheduled live at the Verona Arena for May 14th and will be the opening event of the Venerations Festival – Arte al Femminile 2024.

Anyone who knows me knows that when I was asked in the past what a secret dream still to be realized was, I replied that that special dream was to hold a concert of my own in the Arena. – Annalisa writes on social media – So today while I share this news with you, I want to remember it.

And I want to remind myself that work, patience, dedication, passion, day after day, drop after drop, have transformed into a vortex that has brought us here after 13 years.

I read my name, and then I read “Tutti in Arena”.


Pre-sales are available from today at 4pm.

6 April 2024 @FLORENCE – Nelson Mandela Forum
8 April 2024 @TORINO – Inalpi Arena
10 April 2024 @MILAN – Forum (Assago)
12 April 2024 @BARI – Palaflorio
13 April 2024 @NAPLES – Palapartenope
17 April 2024 @BOLOGNA – Unipol Arena
21 April 2024 @ROME – Palazzo dello Sport
24 April 2024 @PADUA – Kione Arena
29 April 2024 @MILAN – Forum (Assago)
14 May 2024 @VERONA – Arena

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