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The reading of the artists nominated for the 2024 Brit Awards which took place on the afternoon of last Wednesday, January 24, left historic news in the almost 60 years of life of these awards. Because for the first time in the recognitions of the British industry, an artist managed to monopolize 7 nominations in a single edition: Raye.

Obviously, the fact that the soloist has managed to become the most nominated artist of all time not only responds to her incredible talent but also to the restructuring of the organization of these prestigious awards. Because the UK music industry raised its categories for this edition and in a small pirouette has nominated the performer for Best New Artist when in reality she has been singing and collaborating with very different artists for almost 8 years.

However, the fact that it was in 2023 when he published his debut album 21st Century Blueshas allowed this 26-year-old girl to reach 7 candidates when no one else in the history of British music he had achieved it.

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The last ones to come close (with 6) to that number swept two decades ago. We talk about Gorillaz, Craig David and Robbie Williams who in just 4 years (between 1999 and 2002) shattered all records to date. In fact, at ex Take That belongs to him the honor of being the most awarded artist in a single night of the Brit Awards, winning 5 statuettes out of the 6 for which he was nominated.

We will have to wait to see if Raye manages to surpass that mark of the most awarded British artist or if she surpasses that of the most awarded British artist that Adele achieved in 2022 with three awards in a single night. In fact, Raye so far has a certain curse with the Brits since of her 4 previous nominations (along with Jax Jones, Joel Corry and David Guetta, Regard and alone) she has not achieved any victory.

Who is Raye?

A year ago we already told you about Rayeone of the emerging artists who was achieving the greatest success on the UK charts. Rachel Keen, which is her real name, was born in London on October 24, 1997. Daughter of a Swiss-Ghanaian mother and a British father, she grew up in a very musical family environment thanks to the records she listened to at home and her parents, who played songs in a local church – his mother sang in the choir and his father played the piano, in addition to trying his luck with a band that failed to get his musical career off the ground. What’s more, her grandfather was also a composer and instrumentalist.

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With that innate passion for music, the soloist has not stopped working in different genres, with different artists and producers, soaking up the musical culture that the British scene could offer her. The result is in sight and this coming March 2 she can make history at the Brit Awards. If you have never heard her music, don’t waste another second to discover her proposal from the studio. Furthermore, you won’t have to wait too long to be able to listen to her live performance since, despite not being announced so far, the artist will be one of the stellar performances from the night of the Brits 2024.


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