Antonio Orozco shares the story behind his collaboration with Sebastián Yatra

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The song you never saw is the new album Antonio Orozco which will launch this December 15. “You are not prepared for this,” the singer said on his social networks. And it is an album of collaborations.

With Pablo Alboran sings his mythical I am made of pieces of you. He also sings for asking I askedwith Pablo Lopez; Trip with Rozalen; My herowith Luis Fonsi; There’s no morewith Lucyano Pereira; Shaking with Loneliness; Give me life backwith Rafael; Reach with Juanes; Today will be with Jessie James Decker; and Between leftovers and leftovers I miss you with Sebastian Yatra. She has let us hear a little bit of each song.

He wanted to talk a little more about the latter: “Sebastian Yatra He is a very young artist with very clear things.”. With whom, in addition, he has shared hours of television thanks to The voice Kids. Their song together came out over a year ago.

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The story of a collaboration

And he has not hesitated to tell how they met. “One night I went to sing on a television program called Your face is familiar to me with the song Between leftovers and leftovers I miss youon piano, in the final of the program,” he began by telling the story to get the context of the situation.

He acknowledges that “all of Spain was watching that program.” But the best was what happened next: “When I left the program I received a phone call and it was Jesus Lopezhe’s like, the boss.”

Antonio Orozco celebrates his birthday and gives himself the best collaboration of his life: “It is, without a doubt, the best duet of my career”

Apparently, he was having dinner with Sebastián Yatra somewhere and they had seen the performance. “It happened to Sebastian and He told me that he was very moved and then I said, ‘Sebastián, would you like to sing it with me or what?’ and he told me at that moment yes and there she has stayed here forever,” he said, holding the vinyl of the album that he is releasing this week and of which he has already signed a lot of copies.

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It’s just one of the many stories contained in this album and we hope that he will tell us little by little.


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