Medy comments on the brawl that occurred in Bologna during one of his events


Medy comments on the brawl that occurred in Bologna during one of his events

Casalecchio, trapper improvises concert: injuries, fights and panic at the Gran Reno”, is how Bologna Today headlines what happened yesterday afternoon at the Gran Reno shopping center in Casalecchio, where Medy wanted to meet his fans and let them hear some new music. A week after the release of Maltempo, Medy’s new project, which will be released on December 15th, the artist wanted to give a gift to her fans by meeting them in her city with an impromptu live show outside the shopping centre.

There were many kids present and it seems that someone saw fit to spray pepper spray, causing panic, fights, pushing, injuries, and some kids even suffered stab wounds.

Initially Medy had not commented publicly on what happened, he had simply thanked the fans who attended and arranged to meet them on December 15th, the day of the release of his new project. Then the news, as well as various video contents of those present, started to circulate and Medy couldn’t help but comment.

Medy, however, did not condemn the scuffles and brawls that occurred, he did not spend words on the boys who were injured, but focused on those who talk about things that never happened to hype them up.

These are his words: “Many of you are writing to me asking me what happened, it seems right to clarify. Last night I went to my city to play my music and meet my fans trying to give them a good time.

I saw only happiness before my eyes, I’m sorry that disorders were created before I arrived due to a few people who don’t know how to have fun. But I’m even more sorry that there are people who are willing to do anything to create hype or viral content on TikTok. To hurt others and to talk about things that never happened. I have always done good to everyone, I have never had anyone speak badly of me but if you have to do this to be viral, famous, recognized for a few minutes, please don’t use my name. Learn respect. By trying to talk about non-existent deaths you killed me.”

Perhaps respect should be learned by those who show up punctually at an event and create panic by spraying pepper spray. Who enjoys creating fights. And not who reports the facts. Medy was more concerned with his name than with what happened, and with his fans who were hurt and who perhaps didn’t have a good time at all. He preferred to talk about those who want to create hype instead of condemning violent behavior. His name wasn’t used wrongly or maliciously, his name was mentioned because some idiots started a fight at one of his events.


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