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As her big comeback quickly approaches, we remind you of 5 clips that make Ariana Grande a true pop icon.

“Problems” between sexy and vintage

At the age of 20, Ariana Grande made a splash by releasing the music video for “Problem” featuring THE prominent rapper at the time: Iggy Azalea. With her catchy air and her aesthetic reminiscent of the retro universe of Barbie, Ariana cultivates her image as a pretty Lolita in a sequinned mini dress and white thigh-high boots. A sexy mood, which is accompanied by a good dose of shirtless dancers and bouffant wigs à la “Hairspay”. So many memories, the duo’s hit will already be ten years old this year.

“One Last Time” when Ariana Grande faces the apocalypse

With production entrusted to David Guetta, “One Last Time” still stands out today as a classic in Ariana Grande’s discography. And he’s almost ten years old! A love song whose video caused a stir. Directed by Max Landis, we see the singer and her boyfriend in the middle of a disaster scenario. Opening with a media alert followed by a scene of the couple trapped in traffic before Ariana leaves the vehicle at the moment when the sky is filled with lightning announcing a meteor shower. It’s up to the two lovers to manage to survive in this end-of-the-world landscape…

“Side to side” and its legendary sports session

Featuring Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande literally set the Internet on fire with this track with a high-temperature clip. On dancehall tunes, reminiscent of melodies from Trinidad, where Nicki Minaj is from, the two superstars managed to make us dance thanks to the famous gym scene. Sexy and molded in a candy pink aerobics outfit on her exercise bike, Ariana concluded the end of summer 2016 in style.

“No Tears Left to Cry” his tribute to the victims of the Manchester attack

In 2018, a year after her Manchester concert which ended in a terrible attack, Ariana Grande decided to offer her fans a positive single to encourage everyone to move forward since she herself had not “ no more tears to cry “. In the clip, the beautiful blonde defies gravity in a parallel universe reminiscent of the science fiction thriller “Inception”. A video loaded with special effects which to this day continues to mark the minds of fans.

“Thank u, next” and its teen movie vibes

It is iconic and in keeping with the times, the music video for “Thank u, next” was highly anticipated and had exploded the counters by accumulating 50 million views in 24 hours. And like the films it was inspired by, this clip quickly became cult. There are references to a number of teen movies such as “Mean Girls”, “Blonde Girl’s Revenge” and “30 Years or Nothing”. And the icing on the cake, Ariana Grande managed to give a nod to the series in which she debuted, “Victorious”. The superstar played Cat alongside Elizabeth Gillies and Daniella Monet who appear in the video. And they’re not the only guests: Kris Jenner, Troye Sivan, Jonathan Bennett and Stefanie Drummond (Mean Girls) are also there.


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