Interview with Miss Caffeina: “We had not considered the possibility of presenting ourselves at the Benidorm Fest”

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With the Benidorm Festival just around the corner, We are getting closer to knowing the artist or band that will represent Spain in Eurovision on May 11 in Malmö, competing for the coveted crystal microphone and leaving our country in the best possible position. For now we know the candidates, the presenters and the stageand everything is ready to enjoy the next few weeks of a real spectacle.

At the end of 2023, Miss Caffeina He came to the Los40 studios to talk to us in depth of your candidacy, Bla bla blawith which they put the indie and dance touch in the Alicante citya song that the trio has composed with the help of producer Stefano Macarone, responsible for the hit Ow mom! (the song with which Rigoberta Bandini almost won the same festival two years ago). A choice that, however, has nothing to do with the Catalan’s song becoming a success.

We did it remotely… (…) we have worked together before and we thought it was also interesting to get away from the production style we were doing until now and we tried it with it” They told about the experience of working with the composer on this song. “I have to tell you that when you suggested I work with him, with Stefano, I didn’t know that he was a producer of Ow mom! of Rigoberta, then when we met him I started to look at the works he had produced and I saw him… but it was not the intention to say ‘Oysters, how well it turned out for Rigoberta…’which would have been completely legal” clarified Alberto JimĂ©nez.

Bla bla bla It was also created with the Benidorm Fest in experience that they had never considered even though RTVE had been testing the ground in previous editions: It is designed for great staging, large settings and demanding fans of the format.

His presence within the festival, on the other hand, turns upside down the band’s plans for having a few months of rest after their farewell tour: If they win the Benidorm Fest and are chosen to travel to Sweden, they will do their best to live up to expectations and give their best. For now, however, they combine rehearsals and preparation for their staging with the last concerts. One thing is clear: they are going to have a break from festivals.

Play the full interview to know all the information and Reserve January 30 and February 1 and 3 in your calendar to enjoy the festival.


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