Ariana Grande is inspired by the first impossible romance of the Middle Ages for her album ‘Eternal Sunshine’

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Ariana Grande returned last Friday, January 12, with all the heavy artillery. The star launched Si y? making it clear that she continues to be one of the most important musical divas of the moment. With a great song produced by Ilya, Max Martin and herself, Grande paid tribute to that revolutionary sound that Madonna made with Vogue. But it didn’t stop there, the singer also paid tribute to the music video of Cold Hearted by Paula Abdul, tracing some shots of the eighties star. A perfect comeback that comes four years after Positions.

But the thing has not stopped there. Fans want to know more about this new Ariana Grande project. The American has prepared her seventh studio album. An album that seems to be named Eternal Sunshine, in honor of the 2004 Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet film (Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind).

Well, it seems that Ariana Grande has given us a new clue through her secondary account, Sweetener. Of course, she has left us in shock. And the singer has shared a poem by Alexander Pope from the 17th century inspired by a love story from the Middle Ages: Heloise to Abelard. Specifically, the verses that she has chosen are the following:

“Happy is the fate of the blameless Vestal!

By the world forgotten, the world will be forgotten:

eternal sunlight, immaculate mind,

accepted prayers, resigned wishes”

In the original version of this poem, in English, we see the title of Ariana Grande’s new album again: Eternal Sunshine. Come on, there is no longer any doubt that the name of the album is this.

What is Ariana Grande telling us with this poem?

It seems that it is no coincidence that Ariana Grande has chosen this poem or this name for her album. And the love story between Heloísa and Abelardo is one of the oldest and most romantic that can be remembered.. It is an impossible romance, a love forbidden in the Middle Ages, specifically the 11th century.

Abelardo was a young teacher who began teaching Heloísa, the niece of a canon, without knowing that they would end up falling madly in love. For three years they were hiding their love until their uncle caught them. And at that moment Heloísa was already expecting Abelardo’s baby.

To escape from the uncle, the young couple fled and lived in hiding for months. It was at that moment that Heloísa gave birth to the baby, who tragically did not survive. QUnfortunately, his uncle’s henchmen found them and as punishment, they castrated Abelardo.

The couple was forced to separate. He dedicated himself to teaching throughout her life and she entered a convent, where she would end up being an abbess. But their love never ended and throughout their lives they wrote letters to each other. Leaving for posterity one of the first written love stories of humanity.

The beautiful thing about this story is that, although in the 11th century the upper classes married for status and convenience, Heloise and Abelard bet everything on love. Perhaps this is what inspired Ariana Grande to make music. And, like Heloísa, part of her life has been marked by romantic misfortunes.


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