Dua Lipa: what we know about her third album

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What if Dua Lipa said goodbye to disco and hello to London rave culture. This is what seems to be taking shape for his long-awaited third album.

The fans are impatient. Three years after “Future Nostalgia”, Dua Lipa will make her comeback in 2024, to the delight of her audience. During her interview with Rolling Stones, the superstar opened up about what she plans for what fans are calling “DL3.” She notably explained that her new album draws inspiration from important groups of the British music scene of the 1990s, including Primal Scream and Massive Attack.

The “Dance The Night Away” singer drew on the carefree feeling she feels on the dance floor but also on her past experiences during the year 2023 (her breakup, her film debut, etc.). The artist has collaborated with names such as producer Harle and ex-Oasis singer Liam Gallagher. “ Dua really liked this, explains Harle for ”Rolling Stones”. She likes to go to raves. “. The interested party confirms: “ I like being on the dance floor, and being the first on it if no one else is dancing “.

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“DL3”: a raw and relaxed album

Dua Lipa approaches her new album in a raw and relaxed way, but she nevertheless worked on it with great precision. Her collaborators did not hesitate to describe her as “ meticulous editor “. Dua Lipa has rewritten her texts multiple times. “ I don’t think there’s a single song on this album that I haven’t gone back to and rewritten, perfected, changed, reworked a little more and deepened to see if we could go further..”, explains Dua Lipa to the magazine.

A work motivated by its desire to satisfy its audience. “ I really care about the fans’ reaction “, recognizes the 28-year-old singer before adding, “ I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care what the critics think. When you put your heart and soul into something, you want people to collectively say, “Oh, that’s changed sonically, that’s something different. “. Can’t wait to find out what she has in store for us.


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