Ariana Grande releases 14 versions of “Yes, And?” » to become number 1

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Ariana Grande has released 14 versions of her new song to secure an eighth number one single.

The title ” Yes, And? » by Ariana Grande rose to the top of the Hot 100 Billboardthe publication announced on Monday, giving the singer her first number one linked to her highly anticipated seventh album, Eternal Sunshine. This is the eighth time she has topped the rankings.

Grande dethroned “ Lovin’ On Me » by Jack Harlow, who has spent the last two weeks at #1 after topping the chart in early December. According to Billboard,Yes, And? ” has been streamed over 27 million times, also making it the most streamed song, with around 53,000 traditional sales. However, another remarkable number comes from the number of versions of the song Grande released to boost her chances of claiming the top spot on the chart.

Besides the single and its version “ clean “, Grande also released a sped up version and a slowed down version (reflecting the influence of TikTok trends on the releases) as well as an edited version, an extended mix, an instrumental version, and an extended mix of the instrumental version (with explicit versions and “ clean » for each of them).

At any given time, 12 different versions of “ Yes, And? » were included in the Top 40 of the iTunes sales chart. In the age of streaming, digital sales represent only a small percentage of total music consumption, but they still have a big influence on the charts because a sale is worth much more than an individual stream.

Promoting different versions of a piece of music in an attempt to increase sales and chart numbers is not an unusual tactic, but offering more than a dozen different versions of a single over the course of a first week is a particularly aggressive strategy.

With the figures for this week’s ranking now known, the question is where ” Yes, And? » in next week’s rankings. Digital sales may decline as neither version of the song is currently in the top 25 on iTunes as of Monday, although the track remains the top-trending music video on YouTube’s music chart and holds the No. 2 spot on the Spotify Global 50 ranking.


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