JUSTICE releases new album “HYPERDRAMA” in April. Watch the video for the single featuring TAME IMPALA

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New music for Justice. Their new album “Hyperdrama” will be released on April 26th. Two singles precede the album: One Night/All Night starring Tame Impala e Generator.


Speaking about the single “One Night/All Night starring Tame Impala”, the duo says that:

We wanted this song to sound like a dark/techno version of Justice found a sample of a disco version of Kevin Parker. Kevin has a fascinating way of conceiving melody, in the sense that he manages to write melodies that seem simple and natural, but at the same time very particular.

This song oscillates between pure electronic music and pure disco, but it’s never really possible to have the two at the same time.

This idea of ​​instantly switching between genres within a song runs through the entire record, and perhaps manifests itself most clearly in “One Night/All Night.”

And speaking of “Generator”, the duo adds:

For us it sounds like “Getaway” by Salsoul Orchestra, but with gabber and classic 90s hardcore techno sounds.

Disco/funk and electronic music in general have always been key elements of the music we make as Justice.

In “Hyperdrama” we make them coexist, but not peacefully. We like the idea of ​​having them fight a little for attention.”


The video, produced by Phantasm and directed by Anton Tammi, also reveals the artwork for the highly anticipated album Hyperdrama. “I said to them ‘what if we took a dive? What if your music video was a journey inside the cross?”, says Tammi.

I dreamed of creating a piece like this. A strange and experimental object that looks like rave lighting inside human lungs and a strobe light around a human heart.”


It was announced earlier this month that Justice will be performing at this year’s Coachella Festival, which will be the debut of their new, as-yet-unreleased live show. Justice will also be in Italy on June 14th at the Nameless Festival, Lecco, Italy


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