ARTIE 5IVE and RONDODASOSA together for a new song “Red&Blue”

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ARTIE 5IVE and RONDODASOSA take to the field again with their distinct souls for RED&BLUE, the new single produced by NKO.

A song that sees the two representative colors of Artie 5ive and Rondodasosa, red and blue, merge and complete each other in a sound project together.

“Red and blue, like fire and water”: the back-to-back rhymes of the two explode on the production, their stories alternate on a beat with an epic and majestic sound, aware of their past and their experiences which are never lacking in their narrative, but ready to take the next step and put all their desire to take everything on the table.

After “Ready 4 War” released earlier this year, which completed the tracklist of Rondodasosa’s debut album “Trenches Baby” (on its first birthday after reaching Gold certification and No. 1 on the FIMI Charts /Gfk and in Spotify’s Global TOP 10 of debut albums in the world) and after the song “Eyes of the tiger” which enriched Artie 5ive’s debut with the project “Waiting for the good life”, the collaboration in “Red&Blue ” is further confirmation of what can happen when two artists with unparalleled imagination and personality come together.

Recently seen together in their performance on the occasion of Artie 5ive’s first concert at the Magazzini Generali in Milan last November 12, Rondodasosa and Artie 5ive are ready with “Red&Blue” to give their fans new proof of their solid friendship and valid artistic collaboration , long awaited and ready to give great satisfaction.



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