Miley Cyrus debuts new song by surprise

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What a year Miley Cyrus has had! The American star has reached the ceiling in 2024 thanks to his song Flowers. The American’s return to music at the beginning of the year was a gift for the music industry. And it is that Endless Summer, her latest album, is a true pop wonder where the singer enjoys each of the songs. Yes, she has even gotten several Grammy nominations!

But the thing Don “t stay there. Miley continues working on new music. Because when someone is inspired, the best thing is to get it all out. Thus, this same Tuesday, November 22, the musical star attended a private event in Los Angeles to sing. There, dressed in an impressive black dress and accompanied only by a couple of musicians, the singer has starred in a most intimate showcase.

The meeting has been so exclusive that the star has sung for the first time a song that she has not yet released. It is a beautiful ballad where the star shows the enormous potential of her voice. A song where she once again shows off her power and her sixth sense to move.

But this new song is not the only one that the former Disney girl has performed. Miley Cyrus too has covered a classic by the Journey group. Nothing more and nothing less than the theme Faithfully. The 1983 song fits perfectly in the broken voice of the American, who once again rescues a classic as she already did with Zombie by The Cranberries.

Furthermore, during the show, Miley has sung with the American singer-songwriter Ryan Beatty. The two artists have thrilled those present, demonstrating the incredible chemistry they have when singing together. Perhaps a new collaboration will emerge from this showcase, even if it is in the form of a composition.

We will have to wait to find out new details about this song by Miley Cyrusbut when the artist stopped being blonde to once again embrace her brown color, there were already many fans who predicted a new musical era.


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