Aurora shares her new single, “Your Blood”

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And he also revealed details of his upcoming tour in Norway.

dawn He released his single today “Your Blood”, a song framed in the sensitivity that runs through the artist and with a very deep symbolic charge. It is the first song she releases after the release of her most recent album. The Gods We Can Touch which has been topping charts since its premiere. In this single The Norwegian alternative pop singer offers us some cathartic vocals mixed with some instruments and synths.

“Your Blood” was co-written, produced and recorded by Chris Greattiartist recognized for his works with Lady Gaga, Willow, Yungblud, Grimes, etc On this occasion he finds dawn shedding light on the beauty of human souls and all their forms and celebrating them for their vulnerability, emotions and flaws. He also comments in a press release that “Your Blood” marks a new era for the singer, and opens her to another chapter in her ever-evolving discography.

The world is always bleeding. And you never know what’s going on under people’s skin. “I believe that only when we reach out to each other do we understand what compassion and beauty we are capable of as human beings,” Aurora said in a press release.

The artist also shared through her social networks her thoughts about what it means to release music in this complex moment that the world is going through:

Hello my dears. I’ve been feeling a little torn about putting out new music, when there’s so much pain in the world. “I have been afraid that he would feel out of place,” she expressed. “But over time I’ve decided that there couldn’t be a better time to give you a little song than now. And I hope that music can give you something good, something beautiful.”

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On the other hand, the artist also shared details about her tour to begin in the spring of 2024 in her native country Norway. It consists of eight dates across the country and will begin on March 3 with an opening date in Hamar. From there dawn It will make stops in Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger and will culminate by closing the tour with two consecutive shows in Oslo. Tickets will be available starting Friday, November 10 and can be purchased through Ticketmaster.

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