Interview with Brittany Howard


The past is a definite but distant image in Howard’s path. With an immovable resolution she only has one certain point, to continue exploring.

Everyone has gone through various identity crises at some point, from relationships that didn’t work out to ambitions that changed over time. As life goes by, a question appears at unexpected moments. What now?

Brittany Howard have the same doubt; of African-American and European-American descent, She seeks that answer from the beginning in her work as a portfolio to succeeding with her career as a solo artist.

Howard maintains an ideal, to change not only to reinvent itself, but to sustain overwhelming sincerity against any adversity, internal or external.

“It’s just a matter of growing up, you know? “I feel so lucky that I can be the kind of artist that can do this (create music), I don’t want to be pigeonholed into a genre box, doing what’s expected,” she says. Howard with a self-confidence that is impossible to falsify.

Indie Rocks! spoke with this author. The singer had an immovable certainty but not for that reason rude, a personality that spills over into her work.

What Now? is the name of his second solo album and his most recent single. This one makes a statement written in stone, “You’re fucking with my energy, I told you the truth so set me free.”

Howard will be present in the Crown Capital this year presenting this new album. “Music is different in enough ways that I can creatively explore playing live.” mentions the singer; “I feel like this is an evolution, I think every time I do something new I want to challenge myself to go deeper (…) How deep can I go to share myself, explain myself?”

This author seeks to experiment on this album without having an established path. “I created something I didn’t know I could create (…) This is where I am for now and I’m so excited to continue evolving on my journey.”

“It’s definitely an exchange of energy, I’m very excited to exchange that with you” Howard mention this about participating in the festival, this is one more opportunity to be with someone you love, doing something you enjoy.

Brittany Howard will be in CDMX on the first day of Crown Capital, November 17. Their second album does not have a release date but the self-titled single is now available on streaming platforms. streaming.


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