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Ava Max fans are on edge. The American singer has announced that she is about to release a new album. A year after releasing her second studio album (Diamonds & Dancefloor), the artist has changed her social media bio. And what has she put on? Well, nothing more and nothing less than a “loading” and the album emoji. Come on, clearer, water.

Ava Max has just told us that she is preparing her new album and, from what we can understand, it won’t take long for her to show the new material. Although Diamonds & Dancefloor came out a year ago, giving us great songs like Maybe You’re the problem, It seems Ava hasn’t wasted any time and is back in the studio.

Aunqie never really left him. In fact, this summer she released two great songs. The first was Choose Your Fighter, one of the songs that belong to the soundtrack of the acclaimed movie Barbie; and then Car Keys with DJ Ayla. Two songs where Ava once again demonstrates that she is still a true expert in making pop.

A new musical era

But Ava hasn’t just changed her social media bio to create hype. The singer has also deleted her profile photo of herself and replaced it with a black background. An action that leads us to think that in the coming days she will put up a new image that will give us a clue about her new musical stage.

Since we met her worldwide in 2018 thanks to the success of Sweet But Physco, Ava Max has not stopped dreaming and adding hits. Among her songs with the most streams of hers, in addition to the one mentioned, are kings and queens either So Am I from their first studio album Heaven & Hell.

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Now, it seems that the singer, whom we met with half long hair and half short hair, is ready to show the world her new musical era. We can’t wait to hear it!


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