Karol G is also obsessed with Xavi: the Mexican artist of the moment

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Karol G has also fallen in love with the musical phenomenon of the moment: Xavi. The Mexican American singer has become one of the first relevant names in music in 2024. And the 19-year-old has managed to position himself at the top of Spotify’s Global Top in the world with his song Lto Diabla.

The song, which came out last summer, has become one of the most viral songs of the moment. This has allowed Xavi to enter the exclusive club of artists who sing in Spanish who have positioned themselves at the top of the Global Top with a solo song. A club to which only Anitta, Myke Towers, Bad Bunny and Iñigo Quintero belong (we are still carrying the hangover from everything that happened a few months ago with If You Are Not).

In this way, it is not surprising that Karol G has also heard the songs of this young artist who is committed to Mexican corridos tumbados. A genre that Featherweight took to all parts of the world last year thanks to the success of She dances Alone.

Karol G shares a song by Xavi: The victim

But the bug has not fallen in love with the song La Diabla. The song that has touched the Latin star’s heart has been that of The Victim. A song that she has not hesitated to share on her Instagram stories so that her more than 68 million followers can see it.

The victim It is a song that Xavi released in August 2023 and that talks about heartbreak: a relationship that ends and whose protagonist does not want to resume it even if the other person plays “the victim.” In fact, this song is the artist’s most listened to on platforms. Above even The Devil (although this adds millions of daily streams and it won’t take long to catch up).

For an artist like Xavi, who is now beginning to succeed worldwide, for an artist like Karol G to share one of her songs is a real bombshell. La bichota is one of the most influential singers in the music market at the moment and has a very good eye for seeking collaborations. In fact, in recent years she has gotten together with artists who were beginning to become international stars: from Peso Pluma to Quevedo, including Nathy Peluso and Bad Gyal.

In this way, we would not be surprised if Karol G decided to release a song with Xavi in ​​the future. And there is no musical genre that can resist the bug.


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