Bad Gyal confesses what his grandmother thought when she went to one of his concerts for the first time

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The songs of The Joy They are a reflection of the work that Bad Gyal has been doing in this last professional stage. Jamaican rhythms, reggaeton, reggae… his debut studio album brings a hypnotizing session of sounds that have already become the most faithful companions of thousands and thousands of his fans.

But Alba is clear that, in addition to her effort and perseverance, the support she has given his family From the first moment it has been a fundamental element in his artistic development. In an interview with Billboard she remembers what her first jobs were like until her mother told her that she could now focus on her professional career as a singer.

“I have super cool parents. An incredible family,” Bad Gyal declares in the interview. Another who is undoubtedly one of his fundamental pillars is his grandmother. And she feels proud to see her granddaughter doing what she likes most. “When I saw my grandmother, my father’s mother, at a concert of mine, I already said ‘I can be calm’. If she accepts it… If she is looking at me with those excited eyes and understands me and knows that it’s me… well everything is fine. Because there’s always that thing of ‘wow, that’s my grandmother, you know? I don’t know if she’s going to find it very funny to hear what things.’ But she’s proud and I always send audios of ‘Treasure, I love you very much. For me you will always be my little girl. I love what you are doing. I have seen you here, I have seen you there'”says.

And there are still more. Has her grandmother ever hinted to you that she doesn’t agree with her style? “No. I was surprised by that, that she accepted me like that, just like that, she loved it and I said ‘wow, how good, how lucky I am,'” she adds.

In full promotion of The Joy, Bad Gyal has left us statements that have not gone unnoticed. In an interview with EFE, he confessed what the relationship he has with Rosalía is like and if there is a collaboration with her in sight. A topic that his fans are crying out for and are eager to see come true.

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What our protagonist has shown is that beyond fame, money and her role as a reference in the industry, what really matters and what has allowed her to be where she is is family.


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