Beatriz Luengo speaks out after the boos at the Benidorm Fest: “I saw my mother suffer”

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This edition of Benidorm Festivalwhich closed with the victory of Bitch by Nebulossa, has been marked by music, but, unfortunately, also by controversy. Some decisions made by the jury and what happened to Almácor during the final, whose performance had several technical failures, resulted in shouts and boos from the public who were enjoying the show inside the venue where the festival was held.

As spokesman for the jury, Beatriz Luengo He was one of the people who had to manage face to face the euphoria (and sometimes rudeness) of many fans. Especially uncomfortable was the moment in which she revealed the score for Jorge González and Ruth Lorenzo, presenter of the contest, she had to intervene because people couldn’t stop booing.

Now that Benidorm Fest is over, the singer of My generation He has shared a small letter on his social networks where he tells of the bad time he had and how difficult it was for him to do his job. “It was an intense and difficult day,” the actress also begins by saying. “I am very empathetic and I have suffered every vote because I have treated the candidates with a lot of love and dedication. I wasn’t going to tell it, but I cried going up the stairs before sitting there because I saw my mother suffering from home.”.

In that same statement, Beatriz Luengo acknowledges that, given her experience, it is easier for her to deal with criticism or uncomfortable moments like the ones she experienced at this Benidorm Fest. However, she was especially affected that her mother suffered from what she was going through. “I am a strong woman with a very hard back already, but I have never experienced it in my entire career to see it suffer from it because of some of my work.”

Finally, Beatriz remembers that she enjoyed every performance at Benidorm Fest, clarifying that she did not have any favorites, she just wanted everyone to feel supported. She also applauds the passion of the Eurofans because many of them also sent her words of gratitude. “Thank you to those who trusted me because they knew I would give everything, with empathy, passion and dedication,” she says. “Congratulations to everyone for demonstrating the great talent we have in this wonderful country”.


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