Beret and Mr. Rain: “In our songs there is a very similar message of resilience”

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Tony Aguilar received the latest Spanish-Italian alliance this week in the WECB Global Show studio. After his success in San Remo, Mr. Rain has recently collaborated with Beret to make the Spanish version of Supereroi, a song that talks about a topic as important as mental health and with which both feel very identified. All the details in the WECB program!

The origin of the collaboration

Beret: “The song came in a very beautiful way. My manager is Italian and I have a friend in Italy who told me that she listens to music from there. Also Some of my fans there sent me Mr. Rain songs because they said that the content of the songs was very similar to the message of resilience that I sometimes have.. They send me Supereroi and I loved it. I did it out of pleasure and necessity. It is a very necessary song.”

Your superheroes

Mr Rain: “For me it is my family, but it is also all the people who have the courage to ask for help in a time of difficulty and have the power to be themselves.”

Beret: “My family, but specifically my father. He has experienced very difficult circumstances in life and he has taught me that, despite everything, he has raised us and given us an incredible life. My mother has also taken brutal care of us, but my father is a complete example of resilience”.

Mental health

Beret: “It is improving, although there is still a lot to do. It’s true that a long time ago it was a taboo subject. Showing each other’s fragility was bad. When we make songs like this we get messages from people who say they don’t talk about it with anyone, they write us direct messages on social networks because they are afraid to talk about it with others.”

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Mr. Rain: “San Remo has been great. I am very happy because Supereroi It’s like a manifesto in Italy to ask for help. “I am very, very happy.”

If you want to see the full interview of Beret and Mr. Rain at WECB Global Show…hit play!


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