Beyoncé “releases” ‘Grown Woman’ to celebrate the 10th anniversary of her popular surprise album

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10 years. A whole decade has passed since the whole world the expression “doing a Beyoncé” It began to become a measure of a completely surprise launch or premiere. In 2013, the American singer managed to ‘break’ the internet with the release of her self-titled album (Beyonce) and after all this time he wanted to celebrate it with his loved ones.

All your followers can now enjoy the streaming version of Grown Woman, one of the best songs from that LP. Because to date the only way to listen to it was through its video clip on its official YouTube channel. The interpreter has resolved this situation by allowing everyone to enjoy it through all of her channels.

At the time, the decision to restrict listening to it was due to that visual concept on which the original LP was based. Because Beyoncé’s 14 songs had an associated video clip recorded in a short time that served as the visual concept of the album. In fact, there were more videos (17) than songs (14).

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This ‘re-release’ is only the tip of the iceberg since Beyoncé has posted on her social networks a video with a montage of what the release of the album Beyoncé meant to her on December 13, 2003. “I still feel scared with every release of an album. I am constantly searching for the deeper purpose of my art.”

This search for art not only affected his musical proposal but the entire package. From the design, the image and aesthetics of the album, the visual concept of the album, the lack of promotion or information, the secrecy… “Becoming a Beyoncé” became synonymous with a surprise world premiere without leaks, something almost impossible to achieve. today.

Just 3 days after its launch it managed to become the number 1 on the United States sales list and the best-selling album in the entire history of the popular iTunes platform. Furthermore, it would serve for what would arrive shortly after (Lemonade) and where the industry is heading since then.

The surprise, but in style, premiere of Beyoncé’s fifth album took the digital market by storm, reaching close to a million albums sold in three days. And the number multiplied after her followers saw the first videos that the soloist published to promote her songs.

Congratulations Queen B!


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