Bill Ryder Jones shares “If Tomorrow Starts Without Me”

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The British artist released his second preview of his next album.

“If Tomorrow Starts Without Me” It is the second single from his new album material, Iechyd Dato be released on January 12, 2024 through Domino Records.

The track mour ability to Jones to turn what seems to be a simple phrase into a piece of music full of depth. “If Tomorrow Starts Without Me” which may be somewhat existentialist but is undoubtedly also moving, has been hanging around in the head of Bill Ryder Jones waiting for the right moment to come to light.

It contains probably the oldest lyrics I’ve ever written,” he says. “It comes from when I was 15 and saw Eurotrash. There was a Thai sex worker reading a newspaper: ‘What if tomorrow starts without me?’ I loved. She has always stuck with me.”

However, and due to the passage of time, this phrase and in turn song has taken on other meanings to Jonesleading him to imagine what life would be like if tomorrow started without him. Ryder-Jones offers us heartbreaking verses how “As I’m fading into blue, let’s just hope that somehow I’m with you,” sung over music that radiates optimism and a soft breeze that snatches hope from torment.

The video clip was directed by the artist James Slater in which they tell a powerful and emotional look at those who are left behind.

Bill Ryder Jones He has also confirmed a series of solo concerts in London, Manchester, Cardiff and Glasgow to celebrate the album’s release next year.

Iechyd Da It will be an album that delves into the artist’s roots, into love, loss, pain, anguish and often a deep darkness that also leads to places of profound beauty, hope and joy. “I love this album,” Bill says, “I haven’t been this proud of an album since A Bad Wind Blows in My Heart

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