Bikinis, crybabies and cats in the rain that reach Generation Z: the classics revive to the rhythm of OT

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No matter how many smartphones, Whatsapp and Tinder we use in our daily lives, our way of relating has not changed that much. Especially when it comes to falling in love. And, no matter how much the world around us changes, human beings will continue to feel butterflies in their stomach when they meet someone special and a deep emptiness when they say goodbye to a loved one. These feelings are universal and, no matter how many years pass, they will continue to be part of future generations.

Therefore, no matter how much time passes, there are works of love with which we always identify. From the impossible lovee Romeo and Juliet from William Shakespeare to Ulysses’ return home to be with his beloved Penelope in The odyssey.

The same thing happens in music. There are songs that, no matter how many years pass, continue to talk about feelings and emotions with which new generations can feel just as identified. And, although you were not born at the time they were released, thanks to the magic of OT you have been able to enjoy them and connect with their lyrics.. Because if something is good Triumph operation is that it helps us connect with songs that we thought were forgotten thanks to the interpretation of its contestants. In fact, some of these classic songs (which we have heard in4 the voice of our parents or grandparents), have ended up sneaking into our Wrapped 2023 thanks to a triumph.

At WECB, we review the latest vintage hits that have lived a new life thanks to their OT performances. It is true that we are going to look at the last four editions (from 2017 to 2023), which have been the ones that Generation Z has enjoyed.

Ana Guerra made her own The bikina

It is inevitable not to think about Ana Guerra’s time in Operación Triunfo 2017 and not remember her performance in La Bikina. Without a doubt, a performance that marked a before and after in her time at the Academy. Ana Guerra had a skirt, an attitude and a word that she appropriated. Because after the show she gave at Gala 5 of the format, Ana, who would later be nicknamed Ana War, became known as “La Bikina”. The song connected with an entire generation that, without knowing it, was singing a melody that had been written sixty years earlier.

The curious thing about this matter is that many of the viewers who heard it for the first time The bikina, They did not know that this song was written in 1964 by Rubén Fuentes. It is one of the most covered Mexican songs in history: from Luis Miguel to Karol Sevilla, passing through Celia Cruz.

Aitana and her I try to forget you

OT knew he had one of the most emblematic moments of the 2017 edition when he performed I try to forget you As soon as he left, his greatest support in the academy: Luis Cepeda. To take advantage of all that grief, the organization of the contest decided to give this beautiful ballad by Hernaldo Zúñiga: a song that came out in 1980 and that talked about accepting the end of a relationship.

The performance became one of the most remembered of the OT edition. And no one forgets those excited eyes on stage. We all felt like her.

The Llorona by Alba Reche

A year later, OT wanted to repeat the formula of The bikina with one of the most special voices that has passed through the program: Alba Reche. The woman from Alicante had all the ingredients to put in one of the best performances of her edition. So it was! Alba had a tough task ahead of her: interpret the most emblematic song of Mexican popular culture.

La llorona belongs to the popular culture of Mexico. It is one of its emblems and Alba had the responsibility of honoring it in 2018. And the song has passed through some of the most important voices in Spanish music: from Chavela Vargas to Ángela Aguilar. All of them making it theirs. But thanks to Alba, an entire generation of Spanish Zetas fell in love with this melody that tells one of the oldest legends of the American country.

This love is no longer touched by Alba Reche, Natalia Lacunza and Julia Medina

The choreography of This love is no longer touched from OT 2018 should be studied by future generations. They were hypnotic, fun and, above all, coordinated. This love is no longer touched Alba Reche, Natalia Lacunza and Julia Medina It has been chanted in LGTBI clubs since the minute it came out. And the community likes few things more than a girl band giving a show. And if you can imitate the step (because it is simple), much better!

This love is no longer touched, where it talks about the dilemma that a person feels when not wanting to kiss the person they like because they know it will end badly (who hasn’t happened to that?), really belongs to the artist Yuri. A song that she released in 1983 and that at that time became a hit.

Take me or Leave Me by Naiara

This year, There have been many and many who have discovered Take me or Leave Me from Mocedades thanks to Naiara: one of the finalists of OT 2023. And, although it is a great song, it is normal that many young people have not heard it before. And the song, which was a huge success in 1974, managed to reach number 1 on WECB.

Naiara, with a dance base and a pop diva attitude, has made it her own, bringing her beautiful lyrics (where she talks about the anguish of not being reciprocated in love) to thousands of people for the first time. The result? That Take me or Leave Me It is one of the most played songs on the publishing platform, reaching the top in Spain fifty years after its release. How are you staying?

The cat under the rain by Naiara

In the absence of one, there have been two classic songs with which Naiara has shone at OT 2023. The one from Zaragoza has also performed The cat under the rain by Rocío Dúrcal. A song from 1981 that the young woman has brought to her own territory with a version that breathes parkineo and with which she has connected with a new generation.

It should be remembered that Naiara is not the only contemporary who has paid tribute to the great Rocío Dúrcal. A few months ago, Ana Mena performed her song on her Bellodrama Tour, proving to be one of the current divas of our country. And this story of spite will never go out of style. Because there will always be someone who gets their heart broken.

It’s over by Bea

It is true that after the sudden loss of María Jiménez last 2023, many young people have put the great song of It’s over on the map. But, if there was still someone left to know this classic of Spanish music composed by Sabina and performed by Jiménez, now they have heard it thanks to Bea’s impressive performance at Gala 10 of OT 2023.

The young woman made a version that we had not heard yet. By slowing it down and giving it a new instrumental base, Bea has brought this 1978 song back into the spotlight. And the artist has given one of the best performances of the edition, bringing the jury to its feet.

And what is he like? by Cris B

Cris B went out in style at OT 2023 performing one of the most beautiful songs by Jose Luis Perales: And what is he like? A song that the composer wrote at the request of Julio Iglesias to dedicate to his ex-wife Isabel Preyler. He saw such potential in the song that he decided to release it himself in 1982.

Now, 42 years later, it has been Cris who has given new life to this great song. A song that thousands of spectators were moved to at Gala 9 of the contest. And it was no wonder.

Without a doubt, OT has served to bring some of the most important classics of Spanish music to new generations.


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